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NASA Memory Foam Mattress

NASA Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses and pillow toppers have quickly become popular choices. Utilizing your body heat, memory foam can mold itself around you for optimal support and comfort while gradually returning back to its original form once pressure has been relieved.

NASA designed memory foam specifically to cushion astronauts during launches; it never intended it for sleeping surfaces like those manufactured by companies like Tempur-Pedic. Yet these connections have allowed these companies to promote their mattresses as part of the marketing scheme for these mattresses.


Memory foam mattresses have become an innovative breakthrough for sleep comfort and support, providing a personalized sleeping experience by adapting to your unique body shape, relieving pressure points, relieving back pain, easing joint discomforts, being hypoallergenic, as well as being breathable to keep cool sleep in mind.

Memory foam mattress technology was originally created by NASA to cushion astronauts during spaceflight, but has since found use as hospital beds, seat cushions and motorcycle seats due to its ability to respond to temperature and weight variations as well as fit snugly with your body’s contours.

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Selecting the ideal memory foam mattress for you and your needs can be challenging. Foam density is often an indicator of its quality; higher densities provide more durability but may be too firm for some individuals. A mattress with medium firm or soft feel may be your perfect match.

Memory foam mattresses can be easily transported in a small box to your home and will expand gradually over 24 hours to reach their full size, saving money on shipping costs while simultaneously being more durable than traditional innerspring mattresses. They are suitable for supporting heavy weights.

Memory foam continues to evolve today, with scientists adding aloe vera and green tea extract as antimicrobial materials in order to reduce odors. Activated charcoal may also be added in certain products to improve heat transfer. 

Beginning in 2006, Peterson Chemical Technology invented and patented gel-infused memory foam, which fused gel particles into visco foam so as to reduce trapped body heat faster and speed up spring back time; some manufacturers use rayon for moisture wicking purposes and increasing comfort levels further. 

Gel visco foam comes both open-cell varieties while closed-cell varieties provide more support.


Memory foam mattresses have their origins in necessity; in the early 1960s, NASA commissioned Stencel Aero Engineering Corporation to design viscoelastic polyurethane foam cushions specifically tailored for astronauts’ seats that would reduce takeoff and landing stresses. When their engineers encountered difficulty creating seats that conformed to individual astronaut body types, this lead them to creatively think outside the box by inventing memory foam as an answer.

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Yost and his team made modifications to T-foam to improve its durability and provide better weight support, but later modified it further for automotive and medical uses. Later known as Dynafoam, it is manufactured by several companies including Swedish Fagerdala World Foams and Beckton-Dickinson; additionally it can also be found in sporting equipment like football helmets.

2006 saw another improvement to memory foam’s durability with the introduction of gel. This innovation introduced gel particles into the foam, improving its spring back time and softening its feel while simultaneously decreasing heat retention to help avoid summer nights when overheating occurs. Now available on most memory foam mattresses.

In order to ensure the longevity of a memory foam mattress, it’s crucial that it has an excellent compression rating (known as IFD ). IFD measures the force needed to dent 15″x15″x4″ foam samples; higher IFD ratings tend to outlive their counterparts. A mattress with such ratings will likely outlive those with lower ratings.

Memory foam mattresses are built of extremely resilient materials, yet can still be damaged by sharp objects and rough surfaces. Furthermore, it is important to keep your mattress clean and dry, as dirt or odors can cause the memory foam to deflate or become lumpy over time if left uncovered for too long. Regular cleaning with mild detergent is highly recommended to protect your investment and also consider investing in one with an extended warranty plan.


Memory foam mattresses can be an excellent option for many. Their conforming nature provides optimal comfort while decreasing movement during sleep. In addition, memory foam promotes spinal alignment which may prevent back pain or soreness; its natural cooling effect helps reduce allergen build-up while acting as an allergen barrier.

Memory foam mattresses are constructed using visco-elastic polyurethane developed by NASA engineers. This dense material conforms to your body when warm, returning back to its original form as soon as it cools off. Mattress manufacturers have taken advantage of its properties by adding various layers and materials for individual mattresses – from soft memory foam layers of various firmnesses and textures, breathable covers and nontoxic bases – with some even featuring an exclusive gel layer which dissipates heat efficiently while keeping beds cool.

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Memory foam’s main advantage is its breathability, which allows airflow and prevents overheating. Many manufacturers also incorporate latex and copper materials with antimicrobial properties that lower risk of bacteria growth; some manufacturers even employ phase-changing materials which absorb and release heat at various temperatures.

One downside of memory foam mattresses is their tendency to retain heat, leading to overheating if sleeping in warm climates. To combat this problem, adding layers such as bamboo fiber or wool may help retain your body heat while providing cooling properties; additionally, using a mattress protector may prevent spills or stains on your mattress surface.

Memory foam, innerspring and hybrid mattresses are available on the market today, offering different features. Some are hypoallergenic with benefits like motion isolation; others feature traditional feels at more reasonable costs. Innerspring mattresses feature coils to support your body for added cushioning if that bouncier feel is what appeals. Hybrid mattresses combine both types for those unsure which style best meets their preferences.


Memory foam was first invented by NASA engineers and can adapt to your body contours, providing relief for back pain sufferers while also helping prevent motion transfer and promote restful sleep. Nontoxic and with low VOC emissions, memory foam is safe for the environment and children; durable yet comfortable properties make it a popular choice among mattress toppers, pillows and mattresses alike – though before purchasing one made from memory foam you should carefully evaluate its flammability potential before making your purchase decision.

There is a range of memory foam mattresses on the market today, each offering different qualities and price points. Finding your ideal mattress will depend on factors like your sleeping position and body weight as well as personal preferences such as whether or not you get hot at night, prefer latex over memory foam, etc. To get maximum value from your purchase, we advise shopping for ones with trial periods and extended warranties so as to get maximum return for your money.

Some manufacturers provide cooling technologies designed to maintain an ideal mattress temperature, such as open-celled memory foam which promotes airflow and decreases heat retention, or cooling gel, copper, and graphite infusions to control overheating. Other options may include covers crafted from breathable fabrics or heat dissipating phase change materials. In some instances even plant-based memory foam options may be offered.

If you want a mattress that offers both comfort and support, an innerspring or hybrid mattress with memory foam layers may be a suitable choice. These models typically consist of recycled steel coils or poly foam for support with memory foam layers layered on top for cushioning against motion transfer while increasing longevity of use.

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Memory foam mattresses typically offer two firmness levels, though Saatva stands out by offering three in its all-foam mattress: plush soft, luxury firm and firm. In addition to this flippable model that features one side featuring soft memory foam while the other boasts firmer memory foam layers – Saatva also sells flippable models featuring one layer of soft memory foam on one side and firmer foam on the other side for maximum versatility.

Here are a few noteworthy memory foam mattress manufacturers in the USA:

Tempur-Pedic The company is known for its pioneering mattress memory foam, Tempur-Pedic has a large choice of premium options.

Casper – Casper is a popular direct-to-consumer company that provides memory foam mattresses that come with a variety of options, such as zones of support.

Purple uses a distinct hyper-elastic polymer grid that is paired with memory foam to provide the ultimate in comfort as well as support.

Nectar – The company is known for its value-for-money, Nectar offers memory foam mattresses with long trial periods and a lifetime warranty.

Leesa – The company offers memory foam mattresses that are rated highly in terms of comfort, pressure relief and relaxation.

Tuft and Needle: Offers low-cost memory foam mattresses that emphasis on quality and simplicity.

Amerisleep is known for its green materials and the latest in techniques for foam memory.

Saatva offers memory foam mattresses that emphasis on luxury and comfort which is often in combination with other materials, such as latex.

Bear Mattress: We specialize on memory foam mattress made specifically for active and competitive people and containing materials that encourage recovery.

Layla Sleep – The Layla Sleep offers memory foam mattresses that can be flippable in design that offers two different firmness levels within one mattress.

Loom and Leaf (by Saatva): Memory foam mattresses that are top-of-the-line and renowned for their environmentally friendly materials and luxurious feeling.

Helix Sleep: Personalizes memory foam mattresses based on your personal preferences and needs for sleep.

Zinus offers affordable memory foam mattresses that emphasis on support and comfort.

Serta The well-known brand, which includes memory foam in their wide range of mattresses.

Sleep Innovations Offers a selection mattress options made of memory foam targeted at various types of sleep and different preferences.

These firms are highly regarded in the business and provide an array of solutions to suit different requirements and budgets.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a NASA Memory Foam Mattress is an type of mattress constructed out of memory foam, which is the material that was invented in NASA during the 60s to enhance the security of airplane cushions. Memory foam is renowned because of its capacity to mould to the body’s contours offering the best support and comfort.

Pressure Relief is a fitting fit to the shape of your body to reduce pressure points.

Support Supports you with great support for joints and spine.

Motion Isolation minimizes motion transfer, which makes it perfect for couples.

Durability generally more durable than conventional mattresses.

Hypoallergenic Resistant to allergens and dust mites.

Memory foam mattresses may retain the heat, however many of the modern models are equipped with cooling technology, such as gel infusions, open-cell structure or breathable covers to assist in controlling temperature and keep your cool all night long.

Memory foam mattresses can be used in a variety of ways and work with any bed frame that include box springs and platform beds frames, slatted frames and bases that can be adjusted. Be sure that the bed frame offers sufficient support to avoid the mattress from sagging.

A lot of manufacturers and retailers offer the opportunity to try a trial, typically between 30 and 120 nights in which you are able to exchange the mattress in case not completely satisfied. Make sure you read the return policy prior to purchasing.


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