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The NASA Channel on Spectrum Florida

The NASA Channel on Spectrum Florida

Spectrum TV provides access to local news and movies that matter, plus entertainment channels including sports, movies and international channels that will bring them all. Download the Spectrum TV App to watch at home or on-the-go and add sports, entertainment or international channel Add-Ons as needed to your Spectrum plan.

NASA Television provides live coverage of crewed missions (spacewalks, media interviews and educational broadcasts), press conferences and rocket launches. This channel can be found online via embedded streams or branded streams provided by external companies.

How to Watch

The NASA Channel on spectrum Florida provides an incredible glimpse into our expansive universe. NASA Channel Spectrum Florida Television provides live coverage of crewed missions (spacewalks, media interviews and educational broadcasts), press conferences and rocket launches. This channel can be found online via embedded streams or branded streams provided by external companies.

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Be it lifelong astronaut or casual space explorer, the NASA Channel on Spectrum Florida should be on everyone’s viewing list. Accessible via the Spectrum TV app on multiple devices, it promises both entertainment and education!

Start by verifying your Spectrum cable plan includes the channel in question by consulting its television guide or calling customer service. Most mid to high tier packages typically include it. 

Once you find your channel, accessing it is simple – all it takes is opening the Spectrum TV app and navigating directly to it. Or stream directly on Roku, Apple TV or other devices!

Notably, Sling TV doesn’t include NASA Channel on spectrum Florida but does include 30 other channels such as A&E, ABC, BET, CNN, Comedy Central, FX Food Network HGTV History Investigation Discovery etc. You can learn more about this streaming service and view their channel list here; or try Hulu free trial to make sure it works with your device!

Live Space Missions

Live space missions from NASA are streamed live via NASA TV, from launches and spacewalks to educational programming and interviews with astronauts, scientists and engineers. Available throughout many U.S. states as well as parts of Canada via satellite link.

Today is an historic day at the International Space Station: Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa is arriving with a crewmate and will spend 12 days exploring space via Virginia-based Space Adventures, who have coordinated multiple space tourism missions through Russia’s Roscosmos agency. 

Meanwhile, Expedition 67 astronauts will soon head outside to remove protective covers from European Robotic Arm as part of an array of configuration tasks.

As part of its two-week fire experiment, today the space station robotic arm will release a Northrop Grumman Cygnus cargo ship from its laboratory into Earth’s atmosphere for destructive reentry.

On Earth, the James Webb Space Telescope will reveal details about how stars and planets form — right up to Earth itself. Peering through dust clouds to witness unobserved structures emerging in the early universe. Furthermore, this instrument will explore outer regions of our Milky Way Galaxy for signs of life beyond our solar system.

Educational Documentaries

NASA researchers and astronauts demonstrate STEM concepts aboard the International Space Station in this series of videos, such as Newton’s Laws of Motion and surface tension. It makes an excellent resource for classrooms.

Discover the science of planets, moons and solar system with this series. Each episode explores different habitats – deserts, mountains, deep oceans or polar regions are explored through each episode presented. Narrated by David Attenborough for maximum immersion!

Get an inside glimpse at what it takes to become an astronaut with this documentary that follows current and former NASA candidates as they undergo the selection process. 

Astronauts Stephanie Wilson, Victor Glover, Jeanette Epps and Leland Melvin appear in The Color of Space documentary film as do NASA Johnson Space Center Director Vanessa Wyche who became the first Black woman ever appointed director at one of NASA’s centers.

The Hubble Space Telescope was intended to escape Earth’s dense atmosphere and capture remarkable visuals of space, but its creators were shocked to find it was nearsighted due to a minor flaw. 

Scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory devised an ingenious solution – part of their Faster, Better, Cheaper initiative – including scientists and engineers working on Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity missions and OSIRIS-Rex to search for signs of life on other planets. Watch this documentary about this fascinating tale as they uncover secrets of space travel!

Exclusive Interviews

Find everything from interviews with NASA astronauts and engineers, narrative shows that explore our galaxy, sonifications that transform data into soundscapes and recordings from our solar system and beyond with our vast selection of podcasts! Experience space exploration without leaving Earth!

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Our technical workforce put boots on the Moon and tracks on Mars, and continues to pave the way for missions with remarkable innovations that shape the future. Discover what lies ahead as you explore NASA in your own language with Universo Curioso, our official Spanish-language podcast!

NASA is making big strides into the battle for streaming. In the fall, they’ll reveal a cost-free and ad-free streaming service available for iOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV, and Fire TV called NASA+ which will provide live coverage of events and special panels and exclusive interviews, as well as new series episodes and new video shows. 

You can try an early version of the application now by logging onto your preferred device: read more about it here. You can also get in touch with us to become one of our partners. we are looking forward to working with you!

Frequently Asked Questions

NASA Channel on Spectrum Florida is typically found on channel 352 of Spectrum located in Florida. However, channel numbers could be different depending on where you are which is why it’s best to look up the local channel listings or Spectrum’s online guideline to confirm.

It’s not true, but the NASA Channel is not included in Spectrum’s cable service. If you’re a subscriber to a standard Spectrum subscription, you will be able to access this channel, without having to pay an extra fee.

The answer is yes, Spectrum members can access NASA Channel on Spectrum Florida online. NASA Channel online through the Spectrum TV app. The app is accessible on many devices including tablets, smartphones and smart TVs, making it simple to stream NASA content while on the move.

It is true that Spectrum customers can watch on the NASA Channel online through the Spectrum TV app. The app is accessible on many devices such as tablets, smartphones and smart TVs which makes it easy to watch NASA content while on the move.


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