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State and Liberty DC

State and Liberty DC

State and Liberty is an online store selling performance fabric menswear, founded in 2015 by two University of Michigan friends who were frustrated at finding dress shirts suitable for their athletic bodies.

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Custom Shirts

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State and Liberty was launched by University of Michigan students Steven Fisher and Lee Moffie in 2015 as an online clothing shop selling athletic fit performance fabric menswear. Their product selection includes dress shirts, polos, henleys, outerwear suits and sports jackets for every taste and lifestyle.

Custom Chinos

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Custom Sports Jackets

State and Liberty began as an online retailer offering athletic fit performance fabric clothing for men. Co-founders Steven Fisher (a competitive lifter) and Lee Moffie (a Michigan ice hockey defenseman) found it hard to find dress shirts that suited their body types; many standard fit shirts were too full in the torso while slim-fit shirts were too tight across their upper bodies.

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State and Liberty DC

State and Liberty was launched in Ann Arbor, Michigan by University of Michigan friends Steven Fisher and Lee Moffie after they struggled to find dress shirts suitable for their athletic frames. Today the brand offers performance fabric menswear including dress shirts, polos, henleys, t-shirts, outerwear and suits.

If a dispute arises between you and State and Liberty, both parties agree to work towards reaching an amicable resolution through negotiations.

How do I place an order?

State and Liberty is an online store selling men’s performance fabric apparel. Established in 2015 in Ann Arbor, Michigan by University of Michigan friends Steven Fisher and Lee Moffie who had difficulty finding dress shirts to fit their athletic builds, State and Liberty started out by offering only a single performance dress shirt but has since expanded their line to include tees, polos, henleys, pants suits sports jackets outerwear accessories and other forms.

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If a dispute between you and State and Liberty arises (whether based on contract, tort, statute, fraud, misrepresentation or any other legal theory), both parties agree to attempt to resolve it via good faith negotiations within thirty (30) days from when notice was provided of it; failing this, arbitration shall be used as the resolution process.

State and Liberty hereby waives your rights to file class action lawsuits against its parent, affiliates, licensees, successors and assigns and their directors, officers, employees and agents. Services, Content and Products provided hereon are “AS IS”, without express or implied warranties including warranties of merchantability, fitness for a specific purpose, quiet enjoyment or non-infringement.

How do I get my order delivered?

State and Liberty is an American clothing e-commerce company founded by two University of Michigan friends in 2015. After being frustrated with finding dress shirts that fit their athletic build, they decided to create their own. Now offering an extensive collection of performance fabric menswear including dress shirts, polos, henleys, chinos, sports jackets/outerwear/accessories – their products can be found both online and at select brick-and-mortar locations nationwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

State and Liberty DC is a clothing brand specializing in men’s performance dress shirts and apparel designed to offer comfort, style, and functionality for everyday wear.

State and Liberty DC sets itself apart by focusing on performance fabrics that are moisture-wicking, stretchy, and wrinkle-resistant, making their clothing ideal for active individuals who need to look sharp without sacrificing comfort.

State and Liberty DC products are available for purchase online through their official website, as well as in select retail locations across the United States.

State and Liberty DC primarily offers men’s dress shirts, but they also have a range of other apparel items such as blazers, pants, and accessories.

While State and Liberty DC specializes in dress shirts, their products are versatile and can be worn for various occasions, from formal events to casual outings. The performance fabrics make them comfortable for everyday wear.

Yes, State and Liberty DC shirts are machine washable. However, it’s recommended to follow the care instructions on the garment tag to ensure longevity and maintain the fabric’s performance features.

Yes, State and Liberty DC offers a range of sizes and fits to accommodate different body types and preferences, including slim fit and athletic fit options.

Yes, State and Liberty DC has a return and exchange policy that allows customers to return or exchange items within a specified timeframe if they are unworn, unwashed, and in original condition.

Yes, State and Liberty DC offers international shipping to several countries. Customers can check the shipping options and costs during the checkout process on the website.

State and Liberty DC is committed to sustainability and ethical manufacturing practices. While not all products may be labeled as eco-friendly, the company strives to minimize its environmental impact through responsible sourcing and production methods.


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