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University of Phoenix Accounting Degree Review

University of Phoenix Accounting Degree Review

Accreditation of any university is vitally important, enabling students to be eligible for federal financial aid while guaranteeing them access to high-quality education.

Accounting offers many opportunities for professionals with strong attention to detail and financial acumen. Graduates can work across industries including corporate, management and public accounting.


No matter if you want to work for a large corporation or own your own business, an accounting degree can help make smart financial decisions. 

At University of Phoenix we offer several accredited degrees in this area including Bachelor of Science in Accounting, Master of Accountancy, and a Master of Business Administration – but before enrolling you should always check that institution’s accreditation status as some may contain issues which prevent finding employment upon graduation.

The University of Phoenix is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), having received their previous reaccreditation period between 2013-2022. They also participate in HLC Student Success Academy which is a three-year program to address institutional factors that impede student success.

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Accredited colleges may not be mandatory, but attending one can give your job applications an edge when searching for employment. Some employers prefer hiring applicants from accredited universities because they know they received quality education at that institution. Furthermore, accredited students also benefit from having eligibility to transfer between colleges and universities more easily than students from non-accredited schools.

University of Phoenix was established in 1976 as an open-enrollment institution offering evening classes on an accommodating schedule – then and now an attractive choice for working adults seeking higher education. Furthermore, one of its pioneering features included online courses and a virtual library.

This school features an eclectic student population that provides unique perspectives and experiences in the classroom. Many are returning after having worked, which may mean having different educational backgrounds and levels of academic preparation than other students in your class – this diversity can have an beneficial effect on classroom environment as well as help you gain more career experience.

University of Phoenix stands out as a top school for accounting programs with excellent accreditation status and is consistently ranked by US News, College Factual and Niche as a top institution for homeland security and law enforcement programs. 

Students considering enrollment at UofP should carefully consider their reputation and accreditation status before making their decision. The institution boasts an outstanding standing among US News, College Factual and Niche rankings while being listed as a top college for homeland security programs and law enforcement studies.

Courses offered

Accounting provides numerous opportunities for detail-oriented individuals who excel at mathematics and have proficiency with relevant software tools. Accounting careers exist across private, public, and government sectors – they may specialize in forensic, management or tax accounting while some even go on to become certified public accountants (CPAs).

University of Phoenix offers an online bachelor’s degree program in accounting with dedicated career services to assist graduates find employment upon graduation.

At this university, its specialized programs enable students to earn degrees in areas like forensic, tax accounting and internal auditing. Each of the courses provided are intended to equip students with skills essential for being successful within these industries. Plus, with flexible scheduling and fixed tuition prices available at every location, this university makes an ideal option for working adults seeking to complete a bachelor’s degree.

Students enrolled in this program have access to an extensive selection of elective courses, such as accounting research and reporting. These classes teach students how to compile reports, examine financial statements and assess an organization’s financial condition as well as identify fraud-detection processes used by an enterprise.

This university offers online courses to students both within the US and worldwide, many taught by professors with extensive expertise. Classes are flexible enough to fit into students’ busy lives; additionally, these courses have been accredited by an internationally-recognized agency, making eligibility easier when seeking federal financial aid.

Each state outlines specific requirements that an individual must fulfill to take and pass the CPA exam and apply for licensure or certification as a CPA. While our program was created with these requirements in mind, completing the University of Phoenix Accounting Degree Review cannot and does not guarantee that a student will fulfill them completely; as examination requirements can change over time.

Student demographics

University of Phoenix students can choose from an extensive array of degrees, such as its bachelor’s degree in accounting. This program features flexible schedules to enable students to pursue their education while working or raising families, while offering career services to help graduates find employment after graduating.

This university boasts over 100,000 undergraduate and graduate students from varying backgrounds and are predominantly female. Their campus is located in Phoenix, Arizona with facilities including libraries, classrooms, offices and sports fields – all accredited by the Higher Learning Commission which ensures high-quality education while also allowing financial aid applications and transfer credits.

Although the university was once widely criticized for misleading advertising and dubious business practices, its reputation is slowly improving after several scandals. Positive reviews from various sources such as The New York Times and College Factual indicate this recovery; moreover, it ranks among the nation’s premier colleges for homeland security programs, law enforcement services and firefighting training.

University applicants can make use of scholarships and grants to cover tuition and living costs, or they can obtain a Federal Direct Loan that can help finance their education during school – these loans generally offer lower interest rates than private student loans and students eligible for transfer credits can save up to one year from their undergraduate degrees.

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Full-time undergraduate tuition at this university costs an average net price of $57,470 annually, including room and board, books/supplies and other fees. Students also enjoy academic support, career services and counseling from its 65 instructors who mainly consist of female professors; with non-instructional staff earning an average annual salary of $302M which exceeds that of similar doctoral universities; most employees at this university being office/administrative support staff (618 in all).

Career opportunities

University of Phoenix provides accounting degrees that will help advance your career or prepare you to become a certified public accountant (CPA), as well as online programs designed to fit into busy lifestyles and allow learning at your own pace. Furthermore, its career services help connect graduates to jobs they’ll love!

University of Phoenix offers a bachelor’s degree program in accounting that is an ideal solution for working adults, with its flexible curriculum designed to work around your schedule and its fixed tuition policy allowing you to easily budget for your education.

However, its reputation may not compare with that of traditional brick-and-mortar schools or more established online programs. Furthermore, being for-profit may make some employers wary about hiring students from this institution – though its accounting program has been accredited by the Higher Learning Commission which ensures high academic standards are met.

Career options for an accounting graduate vary significantly based on qualifications and experience; however, this field continues to flourish. Accounting graduates can pursue roles such as accountant, financial analyst or tax examiner that have an abundant future according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes it is. The University of Phoenix is a regionally accredited university that means that its accounting degree programs are in line with certain academic requirements. It is nevertheless vital to do your research thoroughly and take into consideration factors like the reputation of the program and accreditation in the field of accounting.

It is the University of Phoenix offers various accounting degrees, such as Bachelor of Science in Accounting master of Science in Accounting, as well as numerous certificates in finance and accounting.

Admission requirements for accounting programs at the University of Phoenix may include the submission of an application, supplying transcripts from prior education in order to meet GPA standards, and providing test scores that are standardized like an SAT and ACT in undergraduate courses.

The University of Phoenix is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) which is an acknowledged accreditation body. Furthermore, certain of its programs could be accredited from organizations such as ACBSP, the Accreditation Council of Business Schools. (ACBSP).

Students who hold an accounting education from University of Phoenix can pursue different career options in finance, accounting auditing, taxation and even consulting. Possible jobs include accountant, auditor tax preparer, financial analyst and budget analyst among others.

The University of Phoenix typically offers job services for students and alumni. This might include assistance in resume writing and interview preparation and job search strategies as well as networking possibilities. Furthermore, certain programs could incorporate cooperative education or internship experiences that provide an opportunity for hands-on, practical learning.

The cost of tuition for accounting courses in the University of Phoenix can vary according to factors like what degree you are studying, the format of the program (online or on campus) and the amount of financial aid or scholarships offered. It is advised to contact the financial aid office of the university to get the most current and up-to-date information about tuition and costs.

With an accounting degree from the University of Phoenix, you can pursue various career paths in accounting and finance. You can work as an accountant, auditor, financial analyst, tax preparer, or even pursue roles in managerial accounting or consulting. Additionally, you can pursue professional certifications such as CPA (Certified Public Accountant) or CMA (Certified Management Accountant) to enhance your career prospects.

The University of Arizona is generally regarded as a reputable institution for accounting education. It offers strong accounting programs that are AACSB-accredited, indicating high-quality education and faculty. The university’s accounting graduates often find opportunities in top accounting firms, corporations, and governmental agencies.

The salary for individuals with an accounting degree from the University of Arizona can vary depending on factors such as experience, location, industry, and job role. However, accounting graduates from reputable institutions like the University of Arizona can typically expect competitive salaries, with entry-level positions starting around the national average and increasing with experience and additional qualifications such as CPA licensure.

Whether a Bachelor of Science in accounting is better than an MBA depends on your career goals and personal circumstances. A Bachelor of Science in accounting provides a specialized education focused on accounting principles and practices, which can be advantageous for those seeking careers specifically in accounting or related fields. On the other hand, an MBA offers a broader business education, covering topics such as management, marketing, finance, and operations, which can be beneficial for individuals aspiring to leadership roles or seeking a more versatile skill set. Ultimately, the choice between the two degrees should align with your career aspirations and long-term goals.


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