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University of Phoenix Nursing Program Review

University of Phoenix Nursing Program Review

Earn an accredited online bachelor’s degree that meets your career aspirations quickly with only 5-week courses – so that you can graduate faster and start work sooner!

University of Phoenix offers both traditional RN to BSN paths as well as Competency-based pathways designed specifically for existing licensed nurses, with competitive tuition rates and career resources readily available all year long for each pathway.

RN to BSN Competency-Based Program

The RN to BSN program is tailored for current nursing professionals looking to advance in their profession. This accelerated program can help you earn your bachelor’s degree faster by transferring in your ADN credits – potentially in as little as one year! Self-governed, it features support from a faculty mentor throughout your journey as you discover how to incorporate theory and research-based evidence into professional nursing decision making processes.

This program also covers advanced patient interviewing and assessment techniques, modern illness treatment approaches and interprofessional care coordination strategies. At graduation, graduates will be equipped to lead clinical teams and make decisions that maximize health outcomes for their patients.

University of Phoenix provides multiple forms of financial aid to make higher education more affordable, including private student loans, federal financial aid and military plans. Their Tuition Guarantee also ensures a consistent rate throughout your degree program; alternatively you may transfer credits from other institutions or have life experience evaluated for credit.

Your schedule options range from full-time or part-time classes offered online and at traditional campuses, and students have access to nursing clinical in local hospitals and community agencies that help develop hands-on nursing skills essential for becoming successful nurses in real life.

The evening/weekend option is an ideal solution for working nurses who wish to complete their bachelor’s degrees without disrupting their day-to-day jobs or family obligations. 

Students in this program take one (6) week class at a time, with assignments due every Monday and discussion questions due every Thursday – these classes are very interactive with professors holding DNP or PhD degrees; thus making the investment worth every penny! The program delivers excellent value!

RN to MSN Competency-Based Program

Are You an Working Nurse Looking to Advance Their Career? Consider The University of Phoenix’s RN to MSN Competency-Based Program

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The program is accessible online, offering flexible course schedules. Students take one course a week, making it easier for working professionals to balance school with life. Furthermore, the university provides numerous financial aid options that make the tuition and expenses more manageable; students may qualify for grants, scholarships and private loans to cover their costs of attendance.

A master’s degree in nursing will equip you with ability to be a leader in different healthcare settings. You’ll be able to apply research-based practices and generating innovative strategies to improve health outcomes and outcomes for care. There are also specialization options available including nurse education and informatics, or clinical nursing leadership.

It is the University of Phoenix Nursing Program is pleased to be recognized with the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) and is also offering several graduate-level certificate related to Health Information Management. Each of these courses can be completed in two years and are with a personal advisor.

RN to MSN Evening/Weekend Option

RN-to-MSN programs provide graduate degree pathways for registered nurses seeking advanced theoretical knowledge and practical skills in nursing. These accelerated degree options are tailored towards students holding an Associate’s Degree in Nursing with valid RN license who desire an advanced theoretical knowledge and practical skill base within nursing. 

Course schedules can be flexible allowing you to complete these degrees within 20 months while online options allow you to continue working full time while studying full time for their MSN degrees.

When selecting an RN-to-MSN program, it is important to be mindful of tuition, fees, and associated expenses that will vary based on your school and degree path. 

Tuition costs tend to be the largest cost factor; therefore tuition should be the primary concern if selecting either a private or non-profit university. It is also wise to be aware of any additional expenses associated with clinical work or requirements such as background checks, uniforms, equipment supplies etc – expenses which could add up significantly over time and are all part of becoming a professional nurse!

As part of your research for an MSN degree, it’s also wise to investigate whether your current employer offers tuition reimbursement – this can be an effective way of covering some of its cost. If your employer doesn’t provide this benefit, consider student loans or scholarships as alternatives for funding your education. 

Lastly, ensure your chosen RN-to-MSN program has received accreditation by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education as this may help secure you employment upon graduation from this program.

An effective RN-to-MSN program should offer an intensive core curriculum, featuring courses such as leadership and management, advanced health assessment, statistics, and research methodology. 

Furthermore, there should be the option for an optional specialty area like community and public health nursing or nursing informatics – in addition to these core courses which must also offer students an opportunity to complete a thesis or capstone project.

Master’s degrees can open many new doors, but can also be costly. When selecting a program to meet both your budget and lifestyle needs, part-time studies might be best; in these instances classes could take place after work or on weekends while clinicals take place during weekdays.


RN to DNP programs are tailored towards nurses looking to transition into advanced practice nursing roles. The programs require highly specialized clinical and leadership abilities that meet the growing need in healthcare today, while also equipping graduates to analyze and apply evidence-based practices within their practice environment. Graduates may then assess the efficacy of healthcare programs and systems.

An average DNP program typically takes four to six years full-time to complete and requires advanced-level coursework, clinical practicum experience and an independent research project. 

Most programs require 500-1K clinical hours. Curriculum subjects often focus on evidence-based advanced nursing practice, health policy ethics advocacy leadership/management roles – an ideal choice for nurses looking to enhance patient care quality while further their careers in nursing.

An advanced nursing master’s degree offers many career advantages, from professional advancement and increased earning potential, to enhanced earning power. 

At University of Phoenix’s online RN-MSN program accredited by Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE), there are six concentrations to help prepare students to become advanced registered nurse practitioners or nurse-midwifery specialists.

The University of Phoenix is a private university offering various forms of financial aid to assist its students in paying for their education, including scholarships, grants, student loans and competitive interest rates from various lenders. 

Furthermore, students may qualify for federal or state grants such as Pell Grants and Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants to cover some or all costs.

The University of Phoenix RN to BSN competency-based program is an ideal option for working professionals seeking to advance their nursing careers. The curriculum blends theory with practical experience for a more effective and holistic learning experience than traditional nursing programs that require campus classes and clinicals; additionally they have also created an evening/weekend option to accommodate working professionals and families unable to commit fully to traditional programs.

University of Phoenix Nursing Program Review

Students enrolled in this program learn to translate scholarly evidence into practical nursing skills and practices, providing graduates the chance to use their leadership abilities and healthcare administration knowledge in patient care as well as healthcare administration.

The RN to BSN Competency-based degree is intended for nurses holding an associate degree with an unencumbered RN license. Classes last only five weeks long and students have access to career resources 24/7.


The University of Phoenix offers an online Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program to those unable to attend traditional colleges. Specializing in adult education, its teaching style emphasizes learning by doing. The curriculum is designed to help students build professional skills that will help them become leaders within the healthcare industry; additionally it offers career resources.

Additionally to academic requirements, BSN programs also require students to complete clinical hours at a nearby hospital as part of their nursing education. Clinicals offer students valuable hands-on experience that will prepare them for nursing careers; during them they interact with patients while learning basic lifesaving interventions.

University of Phoenix provides several degree pathways, such as their traditional BSN route and Competency-based RN to BSN pathway, both of which can be completed within one year at an affordable price. Furthermore, students have access to career tools and resources 24/7/365!

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, registered nurse employment growth is expected to outstrip average between 2022-2032, giving graduates of University of Phoenix’s nursing program an excellent chance of finding work in this sector.

Though the University of Phoenix Nursing Program can be an attractive choice for many students, there are some potential drawbacks associated with attending this university. Fraudulent practices have been reported at this university before so students should be mindful before committing themselves to attend.

2019/20 saw an average reported annual net price for students receiving grant or scholarship aid of $14,252*; an increase of 3.9% over 2018. Net price covers tuition fees as well as books and supplies expenses; however not all students qualify for this amount of financial aid and their actual cost of attendance could vary accordingly depending on your family’s financial circumstances.


The University of Phoenix offers numerous programs to those who are who are interested in online degrees. These include master’s, bachelor’s and doctorate degrees as in professional certificates that are designed to give students the knowledge that will help them succeed in their chosen field. Additionally, the classes at this institution tend to be brief and focused to enable students to progress faster.

Accredited courses at the university ensure students receive an outstanding education. Accreditation makes their program more recognizable to employers and other universities, qualifies them for financial aid and allows students to transfer credits between schools – the Higher Learning Commission is recognized authority by the US Department of Education as well.

Are You Seeking an Online Degree with University of Phoenix Nursing Program? They Offer an RN to BSN program which can allow licensed registered nurses who already possess an associate degree and hold a valid, unencumbered RN license to earn their bachelors in as Little as 14 Months!

University of Phoenix’s RN to BSN program stands out by featuring shorter course modules than traditional nursing programs; its five-week modules make coursework completion faster. Furthermore, the school offers numerous resources that will assist graduates from its nursing program with landing employment after graduating.

The school’s diverse student population is another strength of its online programs. Many of its students return after working in the workforce and bring with them unique insights on learning that create an inclusive classroom atmosphere and make adapting easier.

The university of phoenix nursing programs are tailored to prepare graduates for various healthcare careers, such as critical and ambulatory care. Students also learn patient education, communication and contemporary illness treatment methods while being stressed professionalism and teamwork when providing quality patient care.


Bachelors in nursing (BSN) graduates have numerous career choices; in addition to nursing itself, these professionals may opt to become clinical nurse leaders or informatics nurses, open their own business, or join existing ones. Furthermore, nurses with BSN degrees may pursue further studies with an MSN granting further opportunities.

Graduate degrees can help nurses advance their careers, but having an understanding of healthcare administration and patient management is also crucial to success in nursing environments that are busy and chaotic. With the proper skills and knowledge in hand, nurses can succeed with their careers.

University of Phoenix provides several nursing degree programs that are ideal for working professionals seeking to earn their nursing degrees. Traditional bachelor’s degrees as well as competency-based BSN degrees can all be found here, offering flexible solutions and fast completion times for working nurses looking for certification.

Nurses looking for an online nursing education have the University of Phoenix as an option, which makes attending convenient for busy schedules. Classes last only five weeks long and can be taken on either weekends or evenings – perfect for busy professionals! In addition, this university provides financial aid options such as private loans and grants and scholarships as well as tuition coverage from many employers – making it the ideal option for working adults!

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This university provides various nursing courses, from clinicals to online classes that make earning your bachelor’s degree simpler than ever before. Additionally, they also offer an undergraduate health science degree – another great alternative.

Graduate degrees in nursing provide you with the tools to excel in medical fields regardless of specialty. Nursing is an ever-evolving profession; with new technologies, patient populations, and challenges emerging all of the time. UoP offers degrees and resources designed specifically to help nursing professionals stay at the forefront.


The University of Phoenix offers numerous nursing programs, such as Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) and Master of Science in Nursing (MSN), in addition to degrees for registered nurses (RNs) such as its RN to BSN program and Competency-based RN to BSN pathway that can be completed quickly in less than a year. Their affordable online programs also come complete with helpful career resources.

The BSN program comprises 120 credit hours taught by experienced professors who emphasize patient care and critical thinking. Students learn to assess and diagnose patients as well as provide care to sick and injured individuals. Furthermore, nursing ethics classes and practical experience in the field are offered along with elective courses that can customize a degree path.

Graduates of the BSN program are equipped to work in hospitals and clinics as nurses or health educators and managers, and healthcare managers. If they wish to advance in their career further, an MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree might be worthwhile – University of Phoenix even offers a doctorate of nursing as an advanced degree for nurse practitioners and health services managers!

The university’s on-line BSN program is a great option for students wanting to pursue their education at home. It offers the short courses and support personnel all available during their study. Students are able to contact advisors for student students to discuss any academic or personal issues they may have. financial aid options are offered to anyone who is in need.

Academic counselors at the university can assist with planning your schedule and tracking your progress, finding scholarships and grants to cover tuition costs as well as apply for federal financial aid such as Pell Grants and Perkins Loans. Cash plans or third party billing may provide additional discounts. In addition, students with military service or AARP membership may qualify for additional discounts on tuition.

The University of Phoenix offers several nursing programs that are designed to meet the requirements of both experienced and novice nurses. Here’s a comprehensive listing of all the nursing programs:

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) –  In order to provide the basic nursing education This program helps students prepare for the NCLEX-RN licensure exam and nurses with entry-level positions.

RN to BSN – This program is geared towards nursing professionals (RNs) who have an associate or diploma of nursing, and are looking to complete their BSN to enhance their careers.

Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) – A graduate degree program that provides specializations in fields like the administration of nursing, education in nursing and informatics. This program is designed for nurses who are seeking advanced role in their practice or leadership positions.

RN to MSN – This bridge program permits nurses who are registered to earn the BSN as well as their MSN in a more efficient structure, and with specializations offered for nursing management, education and informatics.

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) – This DNP program is designed for nurses who want to reach the highest standards that nursing practices can provide. It focuses on practice-based education in leadership.

Post-Master’s Certificate Programs – These certificates are designed for nurses who already have an MSN and wish to earn an additional level of expertise in nursing education as well as family nurse practitioners and nursing administration.

All of these programs are accessible online to offer the flexibility needed by working professionals. These programs are designed to assist nurses develop their career and adjust to changing trends in healthcare ( University of Phoenix) ( Nursing Process).

For more details, go to this page. University of Phoenix Nursing Programs page.


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