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Costco Theme Park Tickets

Costco Theme Park Tickets

Costco sells Universal Studios tickets, but only as part of vacation packages. To buy them, log in using your membership information.

Costco’s Orlando vacation package prices are highly competitive with other available options, particularly when factoring in hotel stays. But before making your booking decision, here are a few key pros and cons to keep in mind before booking your trip.

Costco Travel

Costco may conjure images of large stores filled with Kirkland Signature products and bulk-sized food packages, but you might not realize they also provide travel packages and services. 

Their in-house travel agency, Costco Travel, provides deals on hotel rooms, cruises, car rentals and more at their website with an easily navigable help center and phone number; their customer service agents are ready to assist in making booking easy!

Costco Travel requires that its travelers be members of its club; membership fees range from $60 annually for basic memberships (with no added benefits) up to $120 annually (which also offers additional perks). 

While membership costs should be taken into consideration when planning travel arrangements, such as vacations and other trips.

Costco Travel provides members with various theme park ticket discounts and vacation packages including airfare and hotels, which can save significant money when traveling in groups. 

Booking through Costco Travel for peak season visits will save even more money while making the experience all the more memorable and pleasurable!

Costco Travel does not refund theme park tickets purchased through them; however, they can be transferred to another member if not yet used. 

You may use them on future trips but should keep in mind they cannot be used outside of those originally reserved; additionally, these tickets must only be bought from within their warehouse location and cannot be bought online or through other vendors.

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Costco only sells LEGOLAND Tickets as part of a vacation package and cannot be purchased individually, however they can still be obtained at discounted rates from Get Away Today, an official reseller of LEGOLAND California tickets. 

If you are planning a visit, sign up with Get Away Today’s email alerts so that you may take advantage of special offers and promotions while at LEGOLAND California!

Costco Travel website is easy to navigate, offering an expansive collection of hotels and resorts in popular travel destinations. 

There is also an intuitive search function which enables users to filter by location, rating and amenities – plus use this search tool to narrow flight options or discover special offers.

Universal Studios

As a Costco member, you can take advantage of some amazing offers for theme park tickets. These may include Buy A Day Get A Day passes that give two days at half price; as well as flat discounts. 

Both options can save a considerable amount when compared with Universal Studios tickets prices. 

Purchasing Universal Studios tickets directly can be done at your nearest Costco warehouse by searching for their gift card section near beef jerky or popcorn; an employee should be available to direct you accordingly.

Costco Travel provides another convenient option to purchase Universal Studios tickets online; their travel program provides vacation packages perfect for families.

However, there may be some restrictions as Costco will only sell up to six Universal Studios tickets per person.

Plan your visit during the off-season of Universal Studios to save on tickets, when crowds will be less packed, so that you can experience all of its attractions without breaking the bank. Plus, bundle Universal Studios tickets to save even more.

Costco is another great place to purchase Universal Orlando tickets, offering various packages with hotel accommodations and theme park tickets as well as Volcano Bay water park access. 

Their convenient packages make experiencing all that Universal has to offer easy.

If you plan on visiting one of Universal Studios theme parks, be sure to wear comfortable shoes and pack plenty of sunscreen. 

As Universal Studios parks can get extremely hot during the daytime hours, staying hydrated is key for enjoying your experience fully. To arrive early and avoid crowds.

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Costco members enjoy more than discounted tickets – they also benefit from many additional services provided at its stores, including free parking passes that can save a bundle on gas costs, as well as Wi-Fi connection that’s especially useful while traveling.


Costco sells tickets to Disneyland as part of a variety of vacation packages that may include airfare, hotel, rental car and tickets. 

Customers can purchase these tickets either online or in store using their Costco membership number – with each type requiring valid membership credentials in order to access these tickets.

Before purchasing theme park tickets from Costco, it is crucial that you read through their fine print carefully. 

They may not always offer the best value for your money – for instance, what may appear like an affordable deal may become less so after taxes and fees have been added on. 

Furthermore, be mindful of expiration dates, refund policies and how your tickets will arrive in your mailbox.

If you are seeking tickets to Disneyland, the official website offers discounted Disney tickets at lower prices than would be found at park ticket booths. 

In addition, special promotions and offers may apply, such as discounts for active or retired military personnel as well as AAA members.

Disneyland tickets can also be found through Authorized Ticket Sellers such as Groupon, GetYourGuide and Undercover Tourist; these may offer cheaper options compared to purchasing them directly through Disney’s official website and will still include parking at no additional charge. 

Regardless of which source you purchase from, always compare prices before settling on one that best meets your needs.

Before purchasing Disneyland tickets from an authorized ticket seller, be aware that they must be linked with your Disney account for you to use them. 

If you don’t yet have one, creating one can be done easily by opening the Disneyland app and tapping “My Tickets.” 

When your tickets have been linked successfully with your Disney account you’ll be able to enjoy Early Entry and Disney Genie+ benefits!

Tickets purchased through authorized sellers are fully refundable and transferrable, while upgrades such as Individual Lightning Lane access or park hopping options may incur an extra fee; it’s important to remember this extra cost in comparison with what it cost when initially purchasing from Costco.

Disney World

Costco Travel provides vacation packages to Disney World that provide both park tickets and hotels, along with many discounts and benefits that members can take advantage of, including savings on food and merchandise at the parks by purchasing tickets through Costco; members also gain access to Disney gift cards that they can use when dining or shopping at resort restaurants, such as character meals.

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Costco packages that include Disneyland Resort tickets make managing all aspects of their trip easy with My Disney Experience app, from payments, reservations and add-ons to planning daily schedules and minimizing wait times.

Costco Travel provides vacation packages for groups up to eight guests and offers concierge service for groups larger than that, at slightly increased costs but saving both time and frustration while helping avoid unexpected expenses.

Costco offers theme park tickets simple with a wide selection of ticket types, such as one park per day passes and parkhopper passes that permit only one day-long visits as well as the Disney Genie+ line-skipping service. 

When purchased tickets, they can be connected directly to Disney apps by opening them and then clicking “My Tickets.”

Costco’s theme park tickets are non-refundable and cannot be transferred to other people, although any unused tickets still hold value and can be traded in for new tickets or annual passes. 

Disney customer service may sometimes find an expired ticket in My Disney Experience accounts and provide a price upgrade, however this may not always be possible.

Costco makes purchasing Disneyland tickets easy with their membership and credit card packages, available both physically and online. 

Simply locate any Costco location on their map – usually they sell beef jerky and popcorn where the tickets can often be found!

Frequently Asked Questions

Disney parks around the world combine iconic Disney attractions with local culture to provide visitors with an extraordinary experience. Each park has its own distinctive layout and offers rides, attractions, and shows; although many similar rides and shows can be found at multiple parks; Tokyo DisneySea offers several attractions that are exclusive to it alone, while Animal Kingdom hosts James Cameron’s blockbuster Pandora – The World of Avatar for example.

Costco typically only sells theme park tickets as part of a vacation package that includes hotel accommodation; however, they may offer discounted tickets during promotional sales or the off-season.

Not to forget: Disney tickets are non-transferrable and must only be used by one individual at a time due to a special fingerprint-scanning system that records your unique fingerprint onto its magnetic strip ticket. If another attempts to use it at the gate, they will be rejected automatically.

Costco is well known for offering its members bulk products and services at reduced costs, such as Disneyland tickets that can often be found discounted compared to gate prices.

Costco is known for offering bulk products and services at discounted prices, including Disneyland tickets that often represent excellent value compared to gate prices.

Costco does not sell individual Disney tickets directly, but does provide vacation packages which combine park admission fees with hotel stays. Usually these offers are made during off-peak season when admission prices are more affordable.


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