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Ducati – A Fusion of Style and Power

Ducati – A Fusion of Style and Power

Ducati motorcycles combine style and power. The Italian company is best known for their 90deg V-twin engines with desmodromic valves.

Adriano, Bruno and Marcello Cavalieri established Ducati Motor Company as Societa Scientifica Radio Brevetti Ducati (SSRB). Today it is managed by their fifth generation.

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Ducati is renowned for its innovation and reliability; but what really sets it apart as a global brand is how well-received its motorcycles have been among riders worldwide – creating an unmatched relationship between rider and bike. Rider feedback on Ducatis has been extremely positive; creating a global community of Ducatisti that feels like no other.

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Ducati Motorcycles have certainly faced their fair share of difficulties since their founding in 1926, but that does not negate their successes over the decades. Indeed, Ducati experienced considerable ups and downs before its true potential was realized post World War II.

That was when Ducati began manufacturing some of its signature models, like the Cucciolo engine designed specifically to be installed onto bicycles. It quickly became immensely popular and over 200,000 engines had already been sold by 1950, helping Ducati secure its place as an effective personal transportation option and establish its future success.

From there, business flourished and in the early 1960s, the Desmo 125 motorbike became its flagship product – selling many units as it combined style with speed that few could match. It quickly became one of the best-selling bikes.

In 1968, Ducati introduced their inaugural Desmo 750; an increased-powered version of their popular 125 model which quickly proved an immense hit and helped expand Ducati’s popularity within the motorcycle market.

Since its foundation, Ducati has continued to innovate and produce new motorcycles and products which have contributed immensely to its success. Today, Ducati produces over 90 distinct motorcycle models and boasts 766 official dealers/service points in over 90 countries around the globe.

Ducati has enjoyed much success in motorsports as well. Over the years, Ducati riders have won many races and championships such as Tony Rutter’s win of TT Formula 2 world title from 1981-1984. Most recently, Ducati became sole supplier for MotoGP class bikes and experienced great success there too.

Has the speed?

Ducati Motorcycles have long been considered industry leaders when it comes to racing motorcycles. The Italian company boasts an enviable history of iconic street bike and track bike models that have made an indelible mark on motorcyclists worldwide, and several game-changing designers whose contributions can still be seen today in new releases from Ducati.

Ducati first established itself in 1926 in Borgo Panigale, Italy under the Societa Scientifica Radio Brevetti Ducati name. At first, their factory focused on manufacturing shortwave radio transmitters; after World War II however, motorcycle production became the company’s focus. Over the decades since, ownership shifted through various hands; with two periods being under Cagiva family control.

In the 1950s, Ducati hired designer Fabio Taglioni who would go on to design some of its most significant motorcycles ever produced. His desmodromic valve design eliminated valve springs for more precise engine operation – helping put Ducati at the start line for major races such as MotoGP and Isle of Man TT races.

Ducati produces an extensive line of motorcycles designed to satisfy various riding styles and tastes, winning multiple races while becoming immensely popular among racing enthusiasts. Furthermore, its luxury models allow riders to experience fast yet stylish rides on both roads and mountains alike.

Each bike from Ducati is carefully engineered to offer riders a truly immersive riding experience. Renowned for their power, acceleration, and top speed capabilities; Ducati Panigale V4 R can reach over 200 mph top speed while reaching 60 miles an hour in just 2.6 seconds!

Ducati has also become known for its off-road motorcycles, the Hypermotard and Monster models in particular. Both of these off-road models boast enhanced ride quality through upgraded suspension travel and knobby tires for greater off-road traction.

In addition, the company provides accessories and customization options for its motorcycles, such as wheels or engine rebuild.

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Ducati Motorcycles have become one of the world’s premier motorcycle brands since their establishment in 1926. Headquartered in Borgo Panigale, their innovative spirit has greatly contributed to the advancement of motorcycle technology. Recognizable by their iconic designs and powerful performances, Ducati provides bikes tailored towards street riders as well as racing.

Ducati is an industry leader when it comes to track-based racing and has won multiple championships over time. Ducati also takes great pride in investing heavily in research and development to produce innovative technological systems designed to enhance rider safety and control.

Ducati Motoworks operates several internal laboratories to conduct motorcycle tests without depending on external suppliers. One lab provides electrical and electronic testing that helps assess components over time; another provides Ducati Safety Pack features Bosch ABS and traction control to maximize bike behavior during braking and acceleration.

Innovative technology from Ducati has helped produce some of the world’s most beloved motorcycle models, including Monster, Scrambler and Multistrada families. Now with their revolutionary Panigale V4, featuring an advanced carbon fiber monocoque frame and engine. Not only is the V4 powerful but its superb handling offers exceptional ride comfort.

Ducati’s legendary Desmodromic valve design is celebrating its 50th year. This system does away with using springs to close valves, instead using solid rocker arms pushed by cam lobes to precisely time opening and closing of exhaust and intake valves allowing their engines to rev much higher than those using traditional spring-valve heads.

While Ducati has accomplished much, the company still faces many hurdles. Financial issues have plagued them for a time now and may linger into the foreseeable future; nevertheless, their team of financial specialists are working tirelessly to stabilize finances as soon as possible and launch some new models soon.

Has the power?

Ducati has long made racing its specialty since its founding. Ducati believes that competition provides a valuable laboratory of technologies and processes which can then be transferred back into production bikes for improved performance and functionality.

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Desmosedicis valves used on MotoGP racers have proven themselves among the most powerful on the grid, reaping rewards beyond MotoGP racing itself. 

Racing also brings benefits to their street-legal motorcycle lineup – from welcoming new riders into sport through to high performance tour/commuting capabilities and sports riding performance on Multistradas; Hypermotards, Supersports and Diavel power cruisers that provide unique V-twin excitement.

As we tour Ducati’s factory, it becomes evident that their commitment to technological innovation extends far beyond their racing efforts. 

At their electronics lab, common components like TFT displays, CAN bus wiring looms and compact inertial measurement units found on modern motorcycles are rigorously tested before technicians use this data to fine-tune software that runs their controls, optimizing performance and reliability across their entire lineup of bikes.

Ducati’s commitment to technology can be seen in the research and development department. Everything from engine configurations and frames design are studied, and then revised as part of their chassis construction processes. Ducati’s engineers never stop looking for ways to improve their machines.

But the true test of any good motorcycle lies not only in its performance on the track; rather it lies in how well it can be driven – which is why Ducati invests so heavily in their official dealer network and technical training programs – each technician is equipped with all of the tools, software and expertise necessary to provide customers with an authentic Ducati experience.

Ducati is a company that stands out for its rich talent pool and engineering heritage, which helps to drive the technology forward. But what really puts Ducati on top of the world map are its people, who have a passion, creativity and an unwavering commitment to provide customers with an exceptional riding experience.


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