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Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary Party

Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary Party

San Francisco is celebrating 75 years of the Golden Gate bridge – it serves as a symbol for our city and all that lies west.

On its opening day in 1937, it was the longest suspension bridge ever. But people loved it for far more than that.

On the 50th anniversary of the bridge in 1987, crowds exceeded all expectations and its arch flattened under their weight.


As day turned to night, fireworks and laser shows delighted and mesmerized thousands of spectators who flocked to the 122-year-old Golden Gate Bandshell (commonly known as Spreckels Temple of Music). Crowds remained light during most of the day; however, as fog lifted later in the evening crowds increased considerably as lovers of San Francisco bridge came together: tourists as well as natives, awestruck children, and proud octogenarians all shared in celebrating its presence togetherness.

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This event featured performances by musicians and dancers to commemorate 75 years of connecting San Francisco to Marin via bridge, as well as to mark its own 75th birthday party! Boating parades, art exhibits, guided tours, music/dance performances as well as solar “birthday candles” will continue all year long as part of these festivities!

The bridge bustles with traffic, bellows like giant wind harps, and is constantly filled with the sounds of seabirds and ocean waves – but when its construction started critics called it ugly and said it could never be built – now, however, it stands as one of the world’s most beloved structures.


The Golden Gate Bridge is more than a landmark; it’s an icon. Featured prominently in nearly every movie set in San Francisco and witnessed many tears of both sorrow and happiness, it connects San Francisco with Marin County while acting as a vital link to other areas in the US – all this to say it celebrates 75 years this year!

The anniversary celebration has already garnered significant coverage both locally and nationally, beginning Monday with a luncheon featuring local civic leaders and bridge district representatives.

On Sunday, there will be events taking place all along the waterfront and various parks, from future fairs showcasing sustainability technologies to historic watercraft parades and bridge dances, as well as busses running continuously from various locations to provide transportation between events. 

While parking will be free but limited spaces available; food vendors such as Sonoma Terikyaki offering chicken on a stick and teriyaki bowls as well as Pie for the People offering cheese vegan and pepperoni pizza will be present as will Tantes offering Italian sausage, beef hot dogs potato Knishs potato Knishs Chicken Scharmas and Falafel will all provide delicious treats during these festivities!


This weekend marks the 75th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge, an opportunity to remember its construction with pride and admiration. Hardly anyone in the Bay Area could imagine life without its iconic span!

As a symbol of San Francisco’s resilience during the Great Depression, it serves as an inspiration to dream big and move forward even when things seem hopeless. With its massive towers and sweeping cables offering sensory delight and its enormous span providing engineering marvel status – it remains an inspiration.

Hollywood Boulevard has played host to numerous films, from Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak’s intimate first meeting in “Vertigo” to a Romulan drill-of-death in 2009’s “Star Trek.” Additionally, its bustling streets provide the backdrop for much hurried, congested traffic.

Headlands Brewing in Lafayette has created the GG75 IPA to commemorate this historic landmark and donate proceeds to the Golden Gate Parks Conservancy. The crisp West Coast-style IPA features golden hues with an off-white head, as it exudes aromas of fresh conifer foliage and pine resin as it boasts flavors such as berry and plum.


The Golden Gate Bridge is an icon for several reasons. It stands as the world’s longest single-span suspension bridge; features in movies; symbolizes American ingenuity; and, according to San Francisco Weekly, is “a structure Hollywood loves to destroy time after time.”

On Saturday, the Bridge district will hold its official public celebration of its 15th Anniversary over Memorial Day Weekend. This event will include an exhibit of bridge-related art, activities and entertainment as well as historic and environmental exhibits at Fort Point, Crissy Field Center and other locations within Presidio.

On Thursday evening, there will be a special 75th Birthday Soiree featuring music and historic images of the bridge, with historian Peter Moylan recounting its epic tale – including its design by legendary architects, fearless engineers and dedicated civic leaders who overcame financial difficulties, political obstacles and engineering hurdles to create one of the world’s most beloved structures. 

Additionally, The Golden Gate Bridge: Report of the Chief Engineer book will also make its debut during this event and through Bridge District website.


At nightfall, fireworks erupted over the Golden Gate Bridge at San Francisco Bay to create an explosion of color across both its iconic span and San Francisco Bay. 

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These stunning displays were the grand finale to a citywide celebration commemorating 75 years since opening it; thousands from throughout the Bay Area lined Crissy Field for this unforgettable show, which included music performances, art displays, boat parades and tearful renditions of “San Francisco (Open Your Golden Gate).”

At least 800,000 people filled the 1.7-mile span to capacity, raising engineers’ concerns that its suspension bridge couldn’t bear such weight. Engineers worried it might collapse under its own weight but engineers were proven wrong as people hugged each other and sang spontaneous songs together. 

Although there were some minor difficulties–two fainted while 300 security officers struggled to keep people moving–no arrests were made during this lovefest that properly commemorated California’s most iconic landmark.


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