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Golden Gate Bridge Memorial Day Weekend

Golden Gate Bridge Memorial Day Weekend

Marin County, the gateway to San Francisco and California wine country, makes an excellent weekend destination. Its most notable landmark is the Golden Gate Bridge.

The bridge has long been the scene of protests and publicity stunts, most notably an event led by North Beach topless dancer Yvonne D’Angers in 1966 who chained herself to it while wearing her velour bodysuit.

The History of the Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge stands as one of the world’s iconic structures and is widely recognized as an icon of American ingenuity and technological prowess. Connecting San Francisco and Marin County, this impressive structure draws millions of visitors each year. But how did such an extraordinary structure come to exist?

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Charles Crocker proposed the idea for a bridge across the strait in 1872 and championed its development, however it never gained much traction and eventually fell by the wayside.

In 1916, another proposal was put forth and this time the idea caught on, spurred on by San Francisco Call and Post’s editorial board and their aggressive campaign to get it underway. Finally in 1923 the Golden Gate Bridge and Highway District Act was approved by state lawmakers; six years later voters approved a $35 million construction bond, and the project began its journey towards completion.

Construction took four years and 4.5 months and was finished ahead of schedule and within budget thanks to Joseph B. Strauss’ tireless efforts as Chief Engineer – an esteemed bridge building engineer known for creating landmark structures across America and around the globe.

Today, the Golden Gate Bridge is an amazing sight, carrying 40 million vehicles per year and drawing millions of visitors from all around the world. A true engineering marvel and global icon that represents San Francisco.

The Golden Gate Bridge Festival

The Golden Gate Bridge Festival is an annual event that honors this historic span and all it stands for, while simultaneously paying homage to those responsible for building it. Music, art and food will all come together during this multi-faceted celebration while paying homage to all engineers and workers involved.

The Bridge Festival takes place over Memorial Day weekend and features musical performances across multiple stages in an expansive park area, art installations, farmers market sales and wine tasting tent. Admission to this free and open to the public event is encouraged!

Visitors should utilize public transportation when attending the festival, as parking in the area can be extremely limited during this time. An express train or bus would provide quick transport without delays or hassles.

Every year, this festival draws thousands of people to the waterfront and bridge to take in all its sights, sounds and food – an excellent way to spend the holiday and appreciate its beauty!

After enjoying all that music and beer, it will be time for restful slumber. San Francisco offers many hotels near the Golden Gate Bridge; Pearl Jam member Pearl Jam prefers The Phoenix Hotel which features 1950’s architecture with quirky touches; Cavallo Point Lodge can also be found just a short drive from both attractions.

The Golden Gate Bridge Fireworks

On Sunday night, fireworks lit the sky to cap a daylong celebration of the Golden Gate Bridge’s 75th birthday. Tens of thousands flocked to Crissy Field and Marina Green waterfronts for live music performances, food trucks, boat parades, tugboat-pulled bottle rockets, as well as an exhibit featuring 1,558 shoes representing those who have died while jumping off this iconic span.

Crowds were relatively sparse through most of the afternoon, but grew thicker as night fell and fireworks show started. Attendees included tourists as well as Bay Area residents – children were as equally delighted as proud seniors who remembered its opening in 1937.

For those unable to attend, The Seventh Movement offers an amazing video from this year’s waterfront event that you can view below. Their photographer beautifully captured all of the fireworks, the harbor lights, and all of the action between!

The Golden Gate Bridge Birthday Party

San Francisco celebrated the 75th birthday of its iconic Golden Gate Bridge this May with parties, guided tours and festivals along its waterfront which has been graced with its burnt orange span since 1937.

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However, the city also plans to focus on the history of the bridge with new exhibits and an upgraded visitor center. They anticipate these renovations will improve how visitors experience this landmark and are projected to cost about $13 million.

At last, a visitor center will feature both an indoor exhibition space that documents the development of the bridge over time, as well as an outdoor plaza offering views of San Francisco Bay. Furthermore, new gift shop and expanded restaurant services will be added.

At the southern end of the bridge will be built a 3,500 square-foot pavilion to welcome people and provide them with information on its rich heritage and significance. While this may take away some parking spots temporarily, planners believe it is worth making this tradeoff to recognize this outstanding bridge.

Memorial Day weekend is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of bargains at the Embarcadero, Union Square and Fillmore Street areas – or take an invigorating bike tour with an expert local guide around Golden Gate Park for an immersive experience!


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