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Golden Gate Bridge Tours in San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge Tours in San Francisco

The Golden Gate Bridge is more than an eye-catcher; it’s an icon. Defined by its vivid shade of International Orange and rich history, its presence marks an essential landmark of San Francisco.

Discover this marvelous marvel from multiple viewpoints, including water-level viewing. Additionally, visit San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf and Marin Headlands with its fort and sea lion colonies.

What to Bring

When planning a visit to the Golden Gate Bridge, be sure to pack plenty of warm clothing as it can get quite cold at night. In addition, pack sun protection such as sunglasses and a hat. Finally, ensure you bring a good pair of comfortable walking shoes as its surroundings can be hilly.

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Golden Gate Bridge stands as an iconic symbol of San Francisco. A breathtaking example of architectural design and engineering, its golden hue – technically known as International Orange–was chosen so it would stand out against Northern California’s often overcast skies.

Crissy Field offers an enjoyable scenic walk near the bridge’s east end, while tour companies provide bike rentals or tours of various kinds that take visitors across and around it, plus into nearby Sausalito and Marin Headlands – among many other sights and destinations.

How to Get There

There are multiple ways to experience San Francisco’s world-famous Golden Gate Bridge: hike, walk, bike, drive or take a guided tour.

No matter if you are driving yourself or using public transit to reach the bridge, finding parking can be challenging at peak times. Free lots on either side quickly fill up with vehicles seeking free spaces; therefore it is wise to arrive early or use one of these alternatives as parking solutions.

Biking the Bridge

Rent a bicycle from one of several local bike shops and ride across the bridge for an enjoyable view and workout in one. Fisherman’s Wharf and Lombard Street offer many companies offering bikes of various sizes and styles, perfect for biking over this iconic structure.

This 1.7-mile (2.7-kilometer) bridge provides breathtaking views of both the bay and city skyline, so walking it during morning or evening hours is best. On weekdays between 3:30 pm and 5 pm cyclists can use part of its east sidewalk; weekends and holidays it becomes pedestrian only.


There are multiple parking options near the Golden Gate Bridge that all tend to fill quickly. One is the Welcome Center lot near it with 29 spaces – providing close proximity but more expensive prices for parking.

Langdon Court parking lot is another good option, slightly further from the bridge but with more spaces and at an economical price point. This location may also be ideal if visiting with someone who cannot walk far distances.

On the south side of the bridge are two additional parking lots: Southeast Side Visitor Parking Lot and Northeast Side Visitors Parking Lot. Both offer complimentary parking; however, one has a three hour limit. To reach either lot quickly, simply follow Highway 101 south across the bridge – be sure to have exact change!


Visit San Francisco without crossing the iconic Golden Gate Bridge – this world-famous bridge combines architectural design, mind-boggling engineering, terrifying geology, currents and winds gale force that are often unruly; sea lions, sailboats, ships and marine mammals as well as its famous fog create a masterpiece which has become one of the most photographed structures worldwide.

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Take one of SF City Guides’ free walking tours to learn more about this historic landmark and its remarkable engineering feat, before exploring stationery and interactive exhibits at the Welcome Center that reveal more of its history.

Both ends of the Golden Gate Bridge touch the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, offering beautiful trails and vista points worth exploring. Nearby Presidio park serves as a former military base that covers much of northern San Francisco. Visit it anytime of day to witness stunning sunrise views or romantic sunset hues – you won’t be disappointed by either view!


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