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Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights Discount Tickets With Undercover Tourist

Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights Discount Tickets With Undercover Tourist

Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights provides an enthralling experience, inviting guests to explore movie-quality haunted houses and scare zones at a thrilling speed. Tickets often sell out quickly for some nights of this event!

Plan ahead and purchase tickets early so as to avoid wait times.

1. What is HHN? Halloween Horror Nights

Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights is an annual ticketed event held select nights during September and October each year. 

This ticketed experience boasts movie set quality haunted houses, scare zones, and the Terror Tram for an adrenaline-pumping adventure that requires careful planning to attend successfully; tickets often sell out quickly so if you want a night filled with thrills then Undercover Tourist can provide discounted Halloween Horror Nights tickets at great savings.

Universal Express passes provide guests with an additional way to cut lines at all of the haunted houses and attractions at Universal Studios Florida, such as Stranger Things, Exorcist: Believer and Chucky: Ultimate Kill Count – which are popular attractions within this park.

Scare zones at Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) are another major draw. Created to immerse guests into each horror property’s universe and often featuring original concept areas, scare zones provide guests with an immersive experience of that world or movie. Ghostz, Toyz and El Terror de las Momias scare zones typically open an hour-and-a-half before mazes open for business.

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2. What are the haunted houses?

Houses at Haunted House Nights (HHN) are the main draw for most guests at this annual event. Each year features 10 haunted houses that each take a different theme into consideration; most are inspired by popular horror movies or franchises while some feature original concepts created by HHN creators.

This year’s houses include iconic characters like Chucky, Stranger Things and The Last of Us as well as many new original houses such as YETI: Campground Kills, Dueling Dragons Darkest Deal and Dr. Oddfellow. Plus there’s even an immersive Latin American folklore house!

Universal has long made use of its vast roster of monsters to attract audiences, featuring classic characters such as Dracula, Frankenstein’s bride, Phantom of the Opera, Hunchback of Notre Dame, etc. 

However, this year Universal’s most impressive houses focused on newer IPs such as Blumhouse’s The Exorcist: Believer or Morgan Creek’s Addams Family were particularly notable.

This year’s houses range from the strongest to weakest in my opinion. My top three houses this year are all fantastic; however, YETI: Campground Kills stands out as my personal favorite and offers plenty of entertainment and fun.

3. What are the scare zones?

As you travel between houses, you will come across scare zones. Here, real people jump out at you from behind or simply try to frighten you with jump scares and special effects such as wails and screaming for maximum fear-inducing effect. These zones can sometimes even feature loud special effects to add even further discomfort!

Scare zones may not be as intense as mazes, but they still possess enough intensity to shock horror enthusiasts. The key to surviving one is acting nonchalant; scare actors tend to become aggressive if you look scared; appearing confident will cause them to stay away more likely.

Scare zones can be found throughout the backlot and lower lot areas of the park, and include several new scare zones this year such as El Terror de Las Momias which is an extension of Monstruos maze, Toyz where an evil toymaker has created his sinister toys, and Deadly Hallows which takes guests on a tour through hell’s most sinister holiday celebrations. 

Also available this year is Terror Tram which uses Studio Tour tram to transport guests through an actual horror film set!

4. What are the shows?

Universal’s annual Halloween Horror Nights event is an unmissable source of suspense for thrillseekers, running select nights in September and October up until Halloween (specific dates vary). Admission to HHN requires purchasing a separate ticket that provides entry.

After-hours experience offers walk-through haunted houses based on iconic movie and TV franchises such as Exorcist and The Last of Us as well as original creations by the theme park’s creative team. Houses are immersive, detailed and fully loaded with props and live actors for an engaging experience.

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Scare zones can also be found throughout the theme park, with creatures and villains lurking to surprise visitors. Some scare zones require guests to venture off-path from main attractions – something which may prove challenging for those with mobility issues.

As a general guideline, try acting nonchalantly at all times as scare actors typically target those they perceive to be most scared. By remaining calm during these experiences, scares become even more enjoyable for all involved! Also be sure to download the app for park updates including wait times for haunted houses!

5. What are the rides?

At Halloween Horror Nights, guests can experience various rides but the haunted houses are by far the most popular attraction. 

Each year at Universal Studios Hollywood there are approximately nine haunted houses with multiple scare zones; houses themed after popular IPs (Intellectual Property) such as Stranger Things or Rob Zombie’s The Walking Dead are more frequently popular and may have longer lines.

HHN features more than just haunted houses and Terror Tram rides – it also has three live stage shows and four spine-tingling rides to thrill visitors! Additionally, guests can meet scare actors at specific areas within the park for photo opps!

This year, Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) will honor Blumhouse Studios with a series of horror-themed experiences located throughout the park. Fans can experience alternate dimensions from fan favorites from Five Nights at Freddy’s and The Exorcist: Believer as well as Jordan Peele’s Nope Jupiter’s Claim set located at Carl Laemmle Patio.

Visitors to HHN can also experience Monstruos: Monsters of Latin America maze and El Terror de las Momias – an extension to the original maze featuring Aztec mummies – along with Early Event Access tickets that allow guests to enter select houses an hour and a half prior to regular admission.

6. What are the prices?

As opposed to Disneyland, Horror Hotel Nights requires separate tickets with prices that differ depending on the night. Tickets allow access to haunted houses, shows and scare zones; additionally you may purchase an Universal Express pass (formerly Front of the Line) to skip certain lines faster.

Tickets prices tend to rise throughout the season and many nights sell out quickly. On average, Sunday and Wednesday tend to offer lower ticket costs while Friday and Saturday tend to have more costly ones. 

Annual Passholders should make sure their barcode is entered onto the tickets page in order to take advantage of special pricing offers.

Universal Studios Hollywood offers multiple ticketing options for Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood, but one special add-on available only pre-dated is Early Event Access. 

This add-on allows guests to enter one hour before houses/gates open for priority seating at live shows like Blumhouse: Behind the Screams. While not offered via Get Away Today, Annual Passholders should take full advantage of it; doing so could save significant amounts when visiting this year.

7. How to purchase Tickets?

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood is the event for horror movie enthusiasts and those looking for an escape. Running select nights during September and October, Halloween Horror Nights offers haunted thrills you won’t want to miss. 

Though its details vary every year, here are a few basics about what await you at HHN for your first visit:

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This event was specifically created with horror movie fans in mind and features several walk-through haunted houses with themes based on both iconic franchises and original storytelling from the park’s creative team.

Tickets to Halloween Horror Nights can be purchased both online and at the theme park box office; ticket prices depend on your date of visit. 

You may also opt to upgrade with a VIP Experience ticket that grants front-of-line access to popular mazes, priority seating at all shows, and an escort throughout your evening experience.

Consider trying to look as calm as possible during any haunted house visit; scare actors tend to target guests who appear nervous in order to make them jump out of their skin and cause jump scares. 

Also remember that flash photography is strictly prohibited inside haunted houses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Early Access tickets permit visitors to enter to the venue at 5:30 p.m. – which is an hour and half prior to regular event attendees and also gain access to specific houses before the event starts around 7 p.m.

Universal Studios Hollywood puts on an unforgettable frightfest each Halloween for those willing to face their fears.The classics of monsters and savage characters from movies and television shows, the event provides a wide range of terrifying attractions and haunted homes for those who are willing to take on.

Bring a camera along so that you can record any amazing jump scares on film, as well as your phone to download the Haunted House Network (HHN) app and keep an eye on wait times throughout the night.

At Halloween Horror Nights, cameras may be brought along, though they are not permitted inside haunted houses or scare zones. Flash photography should also be avoided as this can distract actors during performances or cause them to jump startle at you!

Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights is a separate ticketed event from its theme park counterpart. Tickets may be purchased directly through either location; buying early will ensure you secure them at their lowest possible prices.

Halloween Horror Nights Universal Studios Hollywood is an independent ticketed event that features haunted mazes based on the most popular television and film shows and the Terror Tram offering new experiences this year.

Universal Studios Hollywood provides refunds for purchases when something unexpectedly occurs during your visit like an attraction or two not functioning according to plan. Instances where this may happen include when one or more attractions don’t operate as expected and when purchases cannot be returned.


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