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Live Cam Golden Gate Bridge

Live Cam Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is an iconic structure. Connecting San Francisco and Marin County, this bridge has become a symbol of engineering and progress since opening. Before its existence, people would travel across San Francisco Bay by boat or ferry – now however the Golden Gate bridge stands as one of the world’s most celebrated structures known for its beauty as well as being part of America’s rich history.

This bridge is both a National Historic Landmark and a cultural icon, drawing tourists both locally and from overseas alike. Not only has its historical importance been acknowledged but its engineering accomplishment and national treasure status is equally noteworthy.

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One of the easiest and most reliable ways to see the Golden Gate bridge online is via Crissy Field bridge webcam, which updates every minute and features controls at the bottom of its screen so users can zoom and aim the camera. This webcam also provides great traffic updates.

Another alternative is YouTube’s Golden Gate Bridge livestream. Though lower in resolution than others, this cam provides frequent updates of its view of the bridge and surrounding area. While initially it does include commercials, after viewing one time you will only see it without ads.

There is also a live cam from the bridge toll plaza that provides a better view of the bridge; however, updates less frequently and displays ads.

Instagram provides a live feed from the Golden Gate Bridge which gives a good glimpse of current traffic levels on the bridge. Although not entirely reliable, this source offers a good snapshot of current conditions on the Golden Gate.

The Golden gate bridge has been the scene of numerous protests and demonstrations over its years-long existence, most famously when actor Woody Harrelson and eight other protestors were arrested after climbing on its main cables and south tower to raise their banner against logging of ancient redwood trees in Humboldt County and closing down traffic for hours as part of an unprecedented demonstration against this activity.

FasTrak is the first large-scale electronic toll technology implementation.
Golden Gate Bridge has seen multiple suicides in the past, usually as a result its magnetic pull on those who are tempted to jump.

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A 2012 book written by mental health professional John Bateson called “The Final Leap: Suicide on the Golden Gate Bridge” provides insights into this phenomenon while offering both real world solutions to prevent more deaths as well as genuine hope to those considering taking such measures themselves. With its appealing beauty and promise of quick death from jumping off its towers, its presence attracts those looking for quick death as potential would-be jumpers.


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