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Universal Studios Hollywood in the Rain

Universal Studios Hollywood in the Rain

Theme parks may not be known for being weatherproof, but that doesn’t have to ruin your Universal Studios Hollywood visit! A little drizzle shouldn’t derail your day trip!

Make the most of the indoor experiences offered at the park, such as live action stunt shows or the Horror Make-Up Show, and riding the Simpsons Ride for an unforgettable experience!


Florida summers can be wet, so it is wise to pack rain ponchos as a precaution against unexpected showers. At Universal Studios Hollywood, ponchos can be purchased in most gift shops at $12 including tax. They may also be purchased at lower costs from vendors outside the parks before coming in to use them in Universal.

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Ponchos are far superior to umbrellas in terms of effectiveness and hygienic features; they provide better coverage while their clear plastic material prevents wind from blowing through them. Furthermore, ponchos do not allow water or debris to collect in any cracks or folds like umbrellas do.

Ponchos offer another advantage: reusability. Once worn, they can be folded up tightly and stored in your bag to be worn again later during the day.

As well as bringing your own poncho, ensure to bring quick-dry clothing and shoes. Nothing ruins a theme park experience faster than wet and heavy clothing and shoes; wearing nylon, fast-dry fabrics or waterproof shoes will help ensure maximum comfort even during hot, humid weather conditions.

When rain starts pouring down, take shelter indoors for some of Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure’s thrilling rides and attractions that offer shelter from the storm – from kid-friendly E.T. Adventure and The Simpsons Ride to more thrilling experiences such as House of Horrors and Shrek 4D!

Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure both feature water rides like Jurassic Park River Adventure, Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls, and Popeye & Bluto’s Bilge-Rat Barges for you to experience splashy fun during rain showers. These rides can help cool you off with their refreshing waterslides while making for some splashy fun amidst raindrops!

On a rainy day, the best times to visit amusement parks are the weeks following Labor Day until mid-December and January to mid-May; crowds tend to be smaller, temperatures cooler, and chances of afternoon thunderstorms lower than usual. 

If caught out during a downpour, seek shelter first before returning back home or enjoying one of many indoor rides such as Bourne Stuntacular or Simpsons Ride for quick respites or quick breaks from it all.


Rain in Florida can be expected during summer and it is always possible that it may rain during your visit to Universal Studios Hollywood. Some guests leave as soon as it starts raining; with proper planning and preparation you can still have an enjoyable day at Universal Studios Hollywood even when it does rain!

An umbrella can help keep you dry and prevent overheating, but be wary of oversize ones that may interfere with other guests or catch on objects such as fences around rides and shows. 

A compact umbrella that can fit easily in a backpack or Universal locker is best. Furthermore, one with a hood may provide additional rain protection without blowing away as rain showers fall from above.

Umbrellas can also be an ideal way for guests to protect small children, wheelchairs and electric vehicles while in use, backpacks or bags that they need accessing during rainstorms and backpacks that they carry with them. 

An umbrella made from waterproof materials such as nylon should be light enough for you to carry, with golf umbrellas being too large to use in theme park settings.

Understand that the Universal Studios Hollywood Code of Conduct applies regardless of weather and reserves the right to eject visitors for any reason, including but not limited to:

Yelling or screaming are strictly forbidden, along with any inappropriate language and gestures that include using offensive racial or sexually derogatory terms or clothing; any body art that could give the impression that one is an employee or military or police officer; any conduct which Universal considers offensive; and any conduct which they deem harmful.

Universal Studios Hollywood is a working movie studio, and filming takes place regularly throughout the park. If you happen to visit at a time when filming is taking place, you could experience something truly unforgettable: witnessing iconic sets and props from some of today’s most-watched movies and television series right up close! 

Before your visit, it is wise to visit their website a few weeks in advance to find out what might be happening during your trip – this may lead to some spectacular surprises!

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Waterproof Shoes

Sunny Southern California is well known for its incredible weather, and Universal Studios Hollywood is no exception. Visitors are able to take advantage of rides and attractions all year round; even during rain showers the park remains open; indeed it can even be advantageous as crowds reduce, often leading to shorter wait times at popular attractions.

As you explore parks, wear waterproof shoes to avoid getting wet or muddy. Also ensure your feet are comfortable as standing for extended periods can become tiring and painful; there are plenty of benches and spots where you can rest them while taking in some sunlight if necessary.

Take advantage of Single Rider lines at ride entrances as another effective means of staying dry, which offer reduced wait time while keeping your group together and enjoying the experience. Just ensure one person from your party meets minimum height requirements, then inquire with team member about using this line when ready.

Universal Studios Hollywood offers several indoor shows that are entertaining and can help keep rain at bay for an afternoon of entertainment. One particularly fascinating show is the Hollywood Horror Makeup Show, in which viewers learn all about movie makeup from industry professionals. 

Furthermore, there’s a special effects stage where visitors can witness how these incredible visual and audio effects come to life within the park itself.

Universal Studios Hollywood offers several exclusive VIP tour options for visitors looking for an immersive VIP experience at its park, such as a six to eight hour guided private tour that includes valet parking, snacks and refreshments in a lounge, exclusive Backlot access (if applicable), priority admission to rides and shows (with Universal Express ticket option), priority seating on rides/shows and even an incredible gourmet meal!

Universal Studios Hollywood offers free hot coffee and cocoa in Old Globe Theatre near Terminator; this gesture shows how much the park cares for their visitors’ comfort.


Although Universal Studios Hollywood doesn’t provide complimentary return tickets on days when it rains, visitors can still have an enjoyable visit even without ideal weather. Just remember to pack appropriately as it can get wet and windy within the park itself.

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If the weather forecast predicts light to medium rainfall, investing in a poncho can help to keep you dry and comfortable during any amount of precipitation. These affordable accessories are widely available from supermarkets.

Luckily, Universal Studios provides rental lockers should it start raining heavily while you’re visiting the theme park. Be sure to bring an umbrella as well! Bringing along some clothing in order to leave in a locker and grab later once the rain stops can ensure you can continue enjoying rides and shows with clean bodies!

Take a guided tour of Universal Studios Hollywood to gain more knowledge about their filming operations and history. In this experience, you will learn more about its history as an operating city; furthermore, this gives you access to working sound stages and parts of its back lot that are otherwise off limits to visitors.

The Kung Fu Panda attraction at the park is an immersive 3D film experience that immerses visitors into Po’s world as he fights to save China. The attraction boasts amazing projections and audio technology to capture every punch and kick as this epic journey comes to life before your very eyes!

At Universal Studios Hollywood during the holidays, join The Grinch and his friends in celebrating Grinchmas! Enjoy all the festive activities and watch as your favorite Seussical characters perform live, singing classic Christmas tunes.

At Far Far Away you’ll also enjoy an assortment of themed food and beverage offerings. Mel’s Drive-in restaurant at the entrance may be one of the best eateries, offering delicious onion rings, frosty milkshakes and authentic-looking burgers that rival those found elsewhere!

Universal Studios Hollywood in the Rain – Make the Most of Your Day
California has experienced a wet week, leading to theme park closures and sopping wet guests – but despite this unpredictable weather there’s plenty of things to do at Universal Studios Hollywood in the Rain!

Visitors may not yell, honk horns, play musical instruments or radios loud enough to disturb the ambient noise level within a 10-foot radius or make other forms of communication that generate sufficient volume to disrupt peace among others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Universal’s Early Park Admission allows guests to experience select rides at Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios (plus Volcano Bay) one hour prior to park opening time. This perk is exclusive for guests staying at one of Universal Orlando hotels as well as higher-level Annual Pass holders.

Universal Studios Hollywood does not offer rain protection, but there are options available for guests to make the most of their visit even in the worst conditions. Another option is to opt for Early Park Admission, which permits guests to visit for a half hour prior to the time that it opens officially.

Rain has been an issue at California theme parks this week, leading to some closures and long wait times at attractions that remain open.

Universal Studios Hollywood offers some options for parkgoers when the skies turn gray: indoor rides and shows as well as coasters that you can ride when the skies clear up.

Southern California is famous for its stunning weather, but you should always bring along an umbrella or rain jacket when visiting theme parks. To be on the safe side and ensure an enjoyable visit, it is advisable to include these items in your park bag when arriving for the day.

At Universal Studios, it’s reasonable to anticipate rain at some point during your visit; Florida can often surprise visitors with sudden afternoon storms. To be prepared, it’s advisable to pack a rain poncho or lightweight rain jacket as part of your packing.

Universal Studios Hollywood is not able to offer rainchecks for guests intending to visit during times that are soaked with rain. However, guests planning to go on a trip should carry additional clothing or hire a locker rental for their belongings so that they are dry.


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