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Dota Pit Season 5 finals preview: Secret, VP have something to prove

Dota Pit Season 5 finals preview: Secret, VP have something to prove

Dota Pit returns after an exciting Season 4 with eight teams competing in Split, Croatia for their share of a $175,000 prize pool and an LAN finals with a prize pool worth nearly $300,000.

Digital Chaos enters this tournament riding high following wins at ESL One Genting and Boston Major qualifying. Expect them to use key picks such as Ember Spirit and Ilya “Lil” Ilyuk for success.

Team Spirit

Dota Pit Finals offer teams an invaluable chance to improve before competing at larger LANs and majors, and Team Spirit was no different; after struggling in their opening match against Digital Chaos, they made adjustments and came away victorious 2-0 victory and secured one of two spots in this tournament.

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While Team Spirit struggled to adjust, Tundra Esports were making waves in the lower bracket. After defeating Nigma Galaxy, OG, and Team Secret they managed to reach Dota Pit’s finals while also showing their mettle against Team Invincible champions in three best-of-three matches.

Game 1’s draft and lane phases were fairly balanced, yet at late game Yatoro’s Morphling and Mira’s Monkey King proved too powerful for their opponents in just 28 minutes, amassing an astounding 27k net worth lead for their team.

Spirit’s initial advantage did not last long as Fata used his bane to break through in a teamfight at the top of Tier one map, knocking out a yordling with one blow to take control of the fight and take back control over Spirit.

Tundra earned their victory against Spirit at the Blast Premier World Finals to avenge their previous defeat, as well as to test their strength against the reigning TI champions and show that a fresh lineup led by Dota legend Fata is on the right path to success. 

They are sure to make waves at future DPC tournaments, especially after defeating Team Spirit; that alone should speak volumes about them as an esports team. Building trust among teammates and creating an atmosphere of teamwork are keys for esports success. Communication is key when building team culture; various methods exist for doing this effectively. 

Furthermore, creating an inclusive environment encourages players to perform at their peak performance – through measures such as transparency initiatives, providing recognition and soliciting feedback.

Tundra Esports

Tundra Esports had difficulty early on but managed to eventually make it all the way through to OGA Dota Pit Season 5 finals, beating OG, Team Aster and once more OG before facing Team Spirit – the defending tournament winners in an intense match-up that ultimately fell in their favor. Tundra Esports won this one hands down!

The opening map was closely contested, but Tundra Esports took advantage of Spirit’s mistakes to seize control and take an early lead that they never relinquished. Skiter and Nine performed admirably despite European dominance; ultimately this game concluded with 24-8 scoring for Tundra.

Skiter and Nine’s impressive performances quickly put Tundra Esports ahead in Game 2. Tundra forced Team Spirit to surrender early, thus giving Tundra Esports victory of OGA Dota Pit Season 5. Tundra Esports were undisputed winners of OGA Dota Pit Season 5.

The third game was much simpler; Europeans opened with a heavy push-oriented draft, and it worked beautifully. They quickly overran Spirit’s outer towers before taking full map control – thus calling time after 42 minutes of play.

In Game Four, Europeans once again scored an easy victory. Opening with an effective mid-lane and lane duo, they quickly established control of the map while making key picks – 33’s Broodmother performance was outstanding but may violate Valve regulations in terms of Dota 2 file editing – it remains to be seen how tournament organizers will address this matter.

Invictus Gaming

Singapore-based team Invictus have long been seen as an underachiever, but after an impressive series against JD Gaming they’re finally making themselves heard. After winning an uncontested series against them, Invictus are finally fulfilling their name by winning the LPL Summoner’s Cup title!

After an impressive showing at WePlay Animajor, IG made their return to LPL with an outstanding showing. Winning both Spring Season matches against hfn and Oh My God to advance to playoffs; beating EDward and JD Gaming before dominating them 3-0 to take home their championship title.

Invictus Gaming continued their run by progressing past the quarterfinals, defeating CLG Prime and SK Gaming relatively easily in relatively lopsided matches. When meeting fellow Chinese team FunPlus Phoenix in the semis, however, IG started slowly but managed to tie the series after Game 1 before taking Game 2. Unfortunately, Game 3 turned into a nailbiter as they lost by just one point.

Though Invictus lost both games against top opponents in the region, they proved they can remain competitive against all. Now they will wait for their next chance at OGA Dota Pit Season 5: China to come around.

This weekend’s tournament will bring together eight Chinese teams for a double-elimination tournament featuring best-of-three matches and double elimination brackets, featuring multiple TI10 invitees. 

Once playoffs commence, final four will compete in best-of-five series to determine who advances to championship series and play out against one another for ultimate supremacy in best-of-five series for ultimate victory! This event promises plenty of action with its $150,000 prize pool on both Twitch and Weibo; check back here for updates.

Elements Pro

Dota Pit Season 5 finals feature eight teams among the strongest in Dota 2, both fresh from victories at Boston Major and still looking to prove themselves against all competition in Kiev Major. Each of these tournaments presents an opportunity for all participants to showcase their abilities as teams prepare to meet them head on in Kiev this May.

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Evil Geniuses remains one of the premier teams in Dota 2, even after missing out on placing in Boston. A strong performance at China Top 2016 restored their standing, while Dota Pit will further cement it. Their offlane lineup features some of the finest talent around such as Saahil “UNiVeRsE” Arora and Sumail “Suma1L” Hassan who boast some of the greatest offlaners worldwide.

Although EG are expected to dominate this event, all of their competition is equally talented. One of the most anticipated matches will be between OG and Invictus Gaming; two highly capable teams who have struggled in adapting to the new meta. Both boast strong top and mid lane play while Invictus needs to work on improving its offlane if it wants to qualify for playoffs.

Digital Chaos comes to Dota Pit with much on the line. Their top-four finishes at previous LANs have them in contention for one of two remaining Dota Pro Circuit spots; success here would put them a big step closer. They also possess unparalleled experience on 7.01 out of all participating teams, making their drafts formidable enemies for any opponent.

From January 19-22, an international event will be hosted in Split, Croatia with a $125,000 base prize pool that may be increased through in-game ticket and cosmetic sales. Six teams qualifying from online qualifiers and two directly invited teams will compete. 

There will be 13 matches played double elimination style; streaming of each will occur live via Twitch; first four will advance to semifinals while last three battle for ultimate victory!


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