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5 Fashion Stories From Around the Web

5 Fashion Stories From Around the Web

Fashion is a $1.7 trillion industry that is constantly changing and evolving. To stay current on current trends and styles, staying informed has gone from picking up magazines in checkout lines to instantaneous updates on social media platforms like Snapchat.

Brand storytelling that’s easily shareable across social channels can bridge this divide between brands and consumers. Here are five fashion brands achieving just this goal.


Anna Wintour looms large over fashion as Editor-in-Chief of Vogue and, with her exquisite taste and impeccable style, dominates fashion worldwide. Her influence ranges from choosing who attends the Met Gala (an invitation can’t happen unless she says so) to determining what trends and designs will remain trendy over time.

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Vogue was initially founded by Arthur Baldwin Turnure as a weekly high society journey in 1892. Covering social etiquette, local social scene events and traditions as well as fashion reviews and book reviews; Conde Nast later purchased Vogue and converted it into a women’s fashion publication that highlighted beauty, composure and etiquette.

Vogue magazine has become an iconic fashion title known for its stunning cover photographs and its popularity among top fashion photographers, who vie for exclusive permission to shoot there. But its legacy extends well beyond these hallmarks; Vogue has long been recognized for its groundbreaking and influential content; from being one of the first magazines to use color, to Diana Vreeland’s groundbreaking ’60s revolution that redefined female models’ appearances.


Atlantic-Pacific showcases fashion news from around the globe, profiles of style icons and trendsetters, Best Dressed lists and events like the Met Gala (fashion’s equivalent of Oscars). Furthermore, their focus on intuitive shareable storytelling helps Atlantic-Pacific avoid paid ads on platforms like Meta and TikTok where costs continue to escalate rapidly.

Patagonia places great emphasis on environmental sustainability. That is why they created Worn Wear – an online marketplace where customers can sell their used clothing reselling program at reduced costs to Patagonia customers. Patagonia highlights customer stories to illustrate this initiative’s benefits.

Barry’s Bootcamp recently collaborated with Olivier Rousteing of luxury fashion label Balmain to produce limited-edition hoodies for their online store. To increase conversions and drive conversions further, Barry’s Bootcamp designed a custom landing page featuring a countdown clock to show how long shoppers had left to buy these limited edition items before they sold out.


Fashion magazines (or glossies) make meaningful links between seemingly disparate entities; they provide social and aesthetic order to an otherwise indecipherable world of goods whose production, seasonality and potential chaos would otherwise be hard to keep up with or notice. 

Fashion mags define what makes clothing fashionable while legitimizing them within cultural-commercial frameworks while marking out semantic territory where local cultural preferences intersect with globalized norms of taste.

Glossy is an intimate portrait of ambition, beauty and the rise of an online-to-offline direct consumer start-up company, following founder Emily Weiss as she transitions from Teen Vogue “superintern” to CEO of an enterprise with an estimated billion dollar valuation. 

Marisa Meltzer’s interviews with former employees, investors and Weiss herself transform Glossy beyond an ordinary expose into a multilayered exploration of an influential business leader and her culture.

This week on our podcast, senior fashion reporter Danny Parisi and international reporter Zofia Zwieglinska discuss how luxury e-commerce companies are adapting to a decline in Chinese consumer spending as well as its effects of the TikTok ban in Hong Kong. Furthermore, they delve into Carolina Herrera and Puig – owners of Paco Rabanne, Dries Van Noten and Jean Paul Gaultier brands – continuing their ongoing battle over ownership issues.


Nowfashion is an invaluable source of all things fashion-related. This B2B magazine covers runway shows and collections by top designers worldwide as well as events such as the Met Gala.

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Although its primary aim is to connect fashion brands with industry players, the website also serves as an excellent source of up-to-the-minute news regarding emerging trends and developments. Furthermore, there are boards with photo collections of anything from accessories to inspiration – making this resource invaluable!

Asos, Boohoo and Missguided have all seen profits decline due to fast fashion’s rise. Traditional brands would often plan their ranges several months in advance while fast fashion brands can respond rapidly to changes in consumer demand. Unfortunately this creates a delay between when an Instagram post announcing new styles arrives in stores; several brands such as Mugler have discontinued “see now, buy now” fashion shows (SNBN).


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