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Goliath Six Flags Magic Mountain

Goliath Six Flags Magic Mountain

Goliath is one of those roller coasters that either thrill seekers love or loathe; some count it among their favorites while others fear experiencing extreme positive G forces and may experience grayout.

Giovanola Hypercoaster once held the record for longest and fastest opening drop on a closed circuit steel coaster (although for only a brief period as Millennium Force at Cedar Point soon eclipsed it), boasting incredible airtime, as well as 4.5Gs.

Thrill Rating

Goliath is an exhilarating, gravity-defying ride designed by Giovanola to give riders of any skill level a thrilling coaster experience. While its first half features an out and back layout, its second half twister madness creates an unforgettable thrill ride, reaching over six seconds of thrill-packed excitement at 4.5G’s!

Giovanola’s steel roller coaster in Goliath Plaza of Magic Mountain first opened for riders on February 11, 2000 with its subtropical theme featuring remnants from ancient Mayan civilization ruins.

Goliath was previously the longest and fastest drop roller coaster at Cedar Point until Millennium Force overtook them both with its longer first drop at 255-feet tall and 85 mph top speed respectively. 

Unfortunately, Goliath’s pacing can hinder its impact as most of its energy goes towards slowly climbing to its first insane hill before careening down it at mind-numbing speeds.

Goliath Hypercoaster’s sustained lateral G forces may be excruciating for some riders. Where other coasters only deliver positive or negative G forces in short bursts, Goliath stands out by producing consistent unrelenting G forces for over six seconds at a time.

Goliath also suffers from an absence of airtime, something which is crucial to thrilling ride experiences for some thrill-seekers. Although its second half features many twisters, its layout does not enable airtime-rich rides like those seen at Goliath.

Goliath remains one of the top roller coasters in America despite these limitations, providing not only an exhilarating ride experience but also offering something truly different and unparalleled in any other ride around.

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Are you seeking an unforgettable thrill? Look no further than Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California’s Goliath! This record-setting amusement park boasts more renowned coasters than any other in existence – surely an exciting destination?


Goliath Six Flags Magic Mountain stands out as an exceptional combination of an out and back coaster with a twister, designed by Giovanola to feature large drops, floating airtime, impressive speed, intense positive G-forces lasting six seconds, unique helixes that deliver intense positive G-forces for up to six seconds – it briefly held both world records for longest drop and fastest full-circuit steel roller coaster until Millennium Force at Cedar Point overtook them some months later.

Goliath was considered one of the most exciting new rides at Magic Mountain when it opened in 2000, taking its place among other rides competing for “coaster capital” status and hoping to increase its position within that ranking.

Goliath was their 13th coaster – while not offering an exciting launch like Superman Escape from Krypton or an inversion-heavy layout like Batman: The Ride, it did boast some impressive height and speed that were truly impressive.

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Goliath’s train is suspended by three wires and seats two people per row, climbing an ascendant cable lift hill before descending through a short tunnel before making an unexpected 180 degree turn to form another giant second hill that feels nearly twice as tall as its counterpart and towers over Colossus wooden coaster (now known as Twisted Colossus).

As the train climbs the second hill, it is pulled into a helix before plunging back down towards the tunnel and racing directly through its mid-course brake run. Additionally, additional inversions include dive loops and zero-G stalls before ending with one more overbanked turn and an helix turn.

Goliath is an integral part of Six Flags Magic Mountain and remains popular with guests and enthusiasts. Goliath offers a rare combination of elements rarely seen elsewhere on coasters; making this ride enjoyable even today, despite its age and slower speeds.


Goliath is one of those roller coasters you either adore or disdain – many thrill machine fans put it near the top of their list, while others might opt for another ride because they fear experiencing its intense positive G forces and risk experiencing “grayout”.

According to a report released Tuesday by a self-appointed amusement park watchdog group in Montecito, 18 riders blacked out on Goliath last year according to data compiled by Amusement Park Safety Organization of Montecito and Magic Mountain was placed second-last for safety incidents while Six Flags is encouraged to report brain injuries caused by high G rides voluntarily.

Coroner’s reports concluded that a 28-year-old who died while riding Goliath suffered from a ruptured brain aneurysm caused by its rapid acceleration. Her parents filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the park alleging the stress from riding Goliath contributed to her condition and contributed to her demise.

The accident sparked debate on whether amusement parks must report all accidents involving riders. Industry stakeholders maintain that injuries related to amusement park rides are relatively minor compared to other recreational activities like golfing; government data also substantiates this claim.

As soon as Goliath was involved, California’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration conducted a full inspection. Following this investigation, no violations of state standards were identified by the ride operator, and operations could resume immediately post-inspection.

After this tragedy, several states began mandating that amusement parks report any head injuries caused by high-G rides, while several manufacturers implemented voluntary measures to decrease force exerted upon riders during certain parts of their rides.

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Six Flags has taken additional safety steps by adding padding to seats, increasing height of seat backs and improving safety straps on trains. Furthermore, Six Flags has restricted use of fanny packs and backpacks on most rides; those bringing such bags must store them in lockers located beside each ride entrance for $5 a day or risk having them go missing!


Goliath is one of those roller coasters that you either love or dislike; thrill enthusiasts frequently rank it near the top of their favorites list, while some view it with caution due to the strong positive G forces generated by its ride.

Goliath was designed by Giovanola of Switzerland and opened on February 11, 2000 at Goliath Plaza of Cedar Point Park. Featuring subtropical elements depicting ancient Mayan civilization ruins, its first drop measured 255 feet at 85 miles per hour upon first launch – although later eclipsed by Millennium Force at Cedar Point shortly after debuting.

Goliath at Six Flags Over Texas is nearly identical in terms of layout to Titan, which opened a year after Goliath; with Titan having only minor distinctions such as lacking an upward helix leading into its mid-course brake run and having a slightly shorter track layout.

The ride’s layout isn’t without its flaws; the track doesn’t take full advantage of the park’s terrain. For instance, its train’s turnaround is very close to a fence separating it from its station; as a result, guests at the back must often lean against this barrier to keep from becoming stuck in its track.

Goliath does not feature zero-G stalls or dive loops like Great America’s Lightning Rod, as well as an unreasonable height requirement of 48 inches that prevents many thrill seekers from experiencing its thrills.

Goliath remains an impressive ride that thrill lovers should not overlook. To experience it for themselves, interested visitors should visit its website and come visit during regular park operating season.

Frequently Asked Questions

Goliath is a roller coaster that combines both out-and-back and twister layouts, designed to deliver large drops, floating airtime, impressive speed, and intense positive G-forces lasting up to six seconds. It offers a unique and thrilling experience for riders of any skill level.

While many thrill enthusiasts rank Goliath among their favorites, some riders might be cautious due to its intense positive G-forces, which can lead to sensations like “grayout.” Safety measures have been taken, including inspections by authorities, and Six Flags has implemented additional safety features such as padded seats and improved safety straps.

Goliath once held records for the longest and fastest opening drop on a closed circuit steel coaster, but these records were later surpassed by other coasters. Despite this, Goliath remains a popular and thrilling ride at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Goliath features a subtropical theme with elements depicting ancient Mayan civilization ruins. Its layout includes helixes, dive loops, and zero-G stalls, providing riders with a variety of exhilarating experiences throughout the ride.

There have been reports of riders experiencing blackouts on Goliath, and tragically, a rider suffered a fatal brain aneurysm, sparking safety debates and prompting additional safety measures at amusement parks.

Goliath is an integral part of Six Flags Magic Mountain, offering a rare combination of elements not commonly found on other coasters. Despite its age and slower speeds compared to newer rides, it remains popular among guests and enthusiasts.

Riders must meet a height requirement of 48 inches to experience Goliath’s thrills. Additionally, certain safety measures, such as restrictions on fanny packs and backpacks, have been implemented to ensure a safe ride experience for all guests.

To experience Goliath firsthand, interested visitors should visit Six Flags Magic Mountain during its regular operating season. They can find more information and plan their visit through the park’s website.


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