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Get Your Volcano Bay Tickets Today!

Get Your Volcano Bay Tickets Today!

Waturi islanders were known for celebrating water and joy through their carefree philosophy, and Universal Orlando’s Volcano Bay captures this same essence through exciting water slides, delicious cuisine and more.

Single day admission starts at $70; online purchase offers savings. Access is also included with multi-day Universal Orlando Resort three-park passes.

Getting There

Universal Orlando’s all-new Volcano Bay offers thrills and relaxation alike in Florida’s hot sun. This immersive tropical paradise is home to the Waturi tribe and centers around a 200-foot-tall cascading waterfall volcano known as Krakatau. 

Inside are exciting water slides and rides sure to take your breath away, lush tropical landscapes, and an amazing wave pool.

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Volcano Bay can only be entered with a valid Universal Orlando Park ticket, which can start from as little as $80 for adults and $75 for kids; three park annual passes start from $399 for adults and $259 for kids; or you could combine Volcano Bay with one or more other theme parks through a multi-park pass.

Visiting Universal’s Volcano Bay will save money over time if you purchase a three park pass, since some benefits (like Early Park Admission and Express Passes after 4:00 pm) do not apply to Volcano Bay. 

If purchasing only two park passes instead, make sure they include Volcano Bay to maximize savings!

Once you have your park ticket and TapuTapu in hand, your adventure can begin! Your TapuTapu acts as your ticket into our Virtual Line where you can reserve a ride line slot by simply tapping it – giving you more time for careening down water slides instead of sitting in long, hot lines!

Universal’s Volcano Bay is the world’s first theme park to implement this innovative queue management system, giving guests an enhanced ride experience by bypassing long lines to go straight to boarding areas. 

You can add Universal Express for an additional fee and this will allow you to bypass virtual ride lines at select attractions; however it does not include Kala & Tai Nui Serpentine Body Slides or Ko’okiri Body Plunge rides.


Volcano Bay is an all-new water theme park where thrills and relaxation blend perfectly together. Descend 13 stories down a majestic volcano, splash around Waturi Beach or experience adrenaline through Krakatau Water Coaster – you’re bound to feel alive at Volcano Bay!

Get around easily using the TapuTapu wearable device which serves as your ticket, rider’s badge and key to all the park’s special features. Stay informed of wait times and show schedules; use it without locking your locker; make payments; unlock interactive experiences – the list goes on and on. 

The TapuTapu is free and open to all guests visiting Universal Orlando Resort hotels (official entrance for hotel guests is Cabana Bay).

Universal Volcano Bay offers rides to suit virtually every age and interest, divided among three distinct village areas–Rainforest, Coastal and Polynesian–each offering its own theme and attractions. 

From soothing floats along Kopiko Wai’s winding river to stomach-turning thrills in Maku Puihi Lava Tubes or whitewater rapids on TeAwa The Fearless River-you will find a multitude of rides sure to please.

Most rides have height and weight restrictions, so make sure to read up before visiting. Many also feature Virtual Line, which lets you reserve your place in line while enjoying relaxing by the wave pool or splashing through the lagoon while waiting. 

Furthermore, use TapuTapu to control water flow at Tot Tiki Reef, spray mischievous tiki statues with water at Tot Tiki Reef and illuminate hidden caves along Kopiko Wai River or Stargazer’s Cavern using your TapuTapu!

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Volcano Bay at Universal Orlando will transport you to an oasis in the South Pacific with unforgettable water rides. Centered around Krakatau volcano, this paradise features thrilling water slides as well as tranquil river rides for those seeking a more relaxing experience.

As is typical for Universal parks, Volcano Bay stands out as being unique from Islands of Adventure (IOA) and Universal Studios by providing more of a tropical beach feel and offering more relaxing rides for families than its counterparts.

Volcano Bay offers many dining options from quick service restaurants and food carts. Be sure to eat breakfast prior to arriving or arrive during lunch hours to avoid long lines at many of these establishments. 

Fast and tasty treats abound; from Hawaii-inspired longboard pizza with sweet caramelized pineapple, diced ham, spicy pickled jalapenos and hot pickled jalapenos all the way through to Island BBQ Chicken sandwich served with French fries and cucumber mango basil slaw to Waturi Fusion Ice Cream which makes an excellent sharing option!

If you’re in the mood for something light, try the Poke Poke Bowl from The Feasting Frog – a quirky quick service spot shaped like a frog! This dish consists of fresh raw ahi tuna combined with soy honey vinaigrette and fruit salsa for an exotic yet light meal. 

Other menu offerings at The Feasting Frog include Mango BBQ Pulled Pork sandwiches and Coconut Crusted Fried Chicken as well as refreshing drinks including alcoholic beverages, frozen concoctions and tropical cocktails at Volcano Bay to keep energy up.


If you plan to stay longer at Volcano Bay, I strongly suggest renting a cabana. Cabanas can be found throughout the park and offer visitors their own slice of paradise with private areas to rest, relax and take pleasure in food and drinks from.

Volcano Bay offers many add-ons designed to maximize your experience, such as private cabanas and premium seating. These accommodations provide additional comfort and convenience during your day at Volcano Bay; this option can also save time spent waiting in line for rides!

Volcano Bay offers visitors similar offerings as other theme parks at Universal Orlando; purchasing an Express Pass to bypass most lines is available here as well. 

But unlike the other two parks, your Express Pass allows you to go straight through each ride’s wait line without entering separate shorter queues; simply buy it from any one of three ticket kiosks located throughout the park and it will automatically load onto your TapuTapu card!

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Pricing at the park has yet to be finalized, but I expect it to mirror that of its sister parks in terms of cost and amenities. 

Premium Seating costs $22.99 per person and provides comfortable lounge chairs, an adjustable shade canopy and built-in storage lockbox – with an escort who will walk you directly to your reserved seating area, take orders and collect food and drinks on your behalf. 

You can upgrade with Coca-Cola freestyle Souvenir Cup which provides unlimited refills on fountain sodas.


As soon as you arrive at the front of the queue, you’ll receive a TapuTapu (pronounced ‘to-tapu”) wristband which allows you to fully utilize Universal Orlando’s water park’s innovative Virtual Line system and avoid wait time altogether – giving you more time for exploring all its wonders!

Just tap your TapuTapu on any attraction’s totem to reserve virtual line reservations, with an exact return time listed on screen and freedom to explore other attractions or use your TapuTapu as an interactive toy (find innocent victims who need water squirting!). 

Your reserved return time will then appear and give you more freedom!

Your TapuTapu can also save your place in the Virtual Line for one attraction at a time and will notify you if any changes to its schedule arise. All this adds up to make for an incredible island-inspired day at Volcano Bay!

TapuTapu can also make purchases through Universal’s cashless system, making purchases much simpler without needing to bring a wallet along with you! Plus, your TapuTapu will open and lock any lockers rented for the day so there’s no chance of forgetting its key! 

We hope other theme parks follow Universal’s lead with such convenient features!

Frequently Asked Questions

Ticket prices at Universal Volcano Bay vary by season and date; to get the best value, purchase your tickets online before your visit and add on Universal Express which skips virtual lines for select rides for just an additional $30 per person with seat belts included!

To experience most water rides, guests must be at least 42 inches tall – but there are a few exceptions such as Kopiko Wai Winding River and Rainforest Village that allow younger riders. Some rides, like Punga Racers have weight limits – at the start of these attractions, one of our team members will discreetly weigh each guest before their experience on that ride begins.

While most rides at Volcano Bay do not impose age or weight restrictions, certain rides such as multi-rider raft rides and Kala & Tai Nui Serpentine body slides require a minimum height of 42 inches to ride safely. Nonetheless, Kopiko Wai Winding River and Reef leisure pool both cater to guests of all ages.

Guests staying on-site at Universal Orlando Resort hotels can gain early entry to Volcano Bay by showing their hotel room keys at the park’s dedicated entrance. Furthermore, those staying at Cabana Bay Beach Resort or Aventura Hotel receive an exclusive shuttle bus which drops them directly outside the park; all other properties require taking regular buses that take a bit longer before dropping them off at Volcano Bay.


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