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South Central Connect Arkadelphia

South Central Connect Arkadelphia

South Central Connect, a subsidiary of South Central Electric Cooperative, offers high-speed internet access and bundle phone and internet services throughout rural Arkansas. Click the map for coverage and speeds.

Upload speeds are generally lower, yet still sufficient for most households. Run a speed test to assess how your connection compares.


South Central Connect Arkadelphia is a residential broadband Internet service provider. Their high speed services cover much of Arkansas, while their speeds meet most homes’ needs. Furthermore, this company boasts excellent customer service reputations.

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Arkansas households average 2.3 people, which is lower than the national average of 2.6 people. Arkansas income per household averaged $50,219 which is lower than its counterpart across all of America at $62,839 indicating less need for high-speed Internet services in this city.

South Central Connect provides more than just broadband Internet; they also offer TV and phone service at competitively-priced and reliable networks with speeds fast enough for video streaming and gaming. Furthermore, South Central Connect has tailored packages that suit varying budgets.

South Central Connect’s goal of providing Arkadelphia residents with the best internet service has led them to invest in many infrastructure upgrades, such as installing fiber into many homes. Not only have these upgrades increased speeds but many areas also saw reduced service prices; their network is one of the largest in Arkansas.

South Central Connect provides internet service to over 26,000 subscribers in Arkansas through 960 miles of fiber optic cable network. Plans range from 500 Mbps up to 1000 Mbps.

Conexon Networks Partner Program offers infrastructure and support for small broadband providers like this company, including gigabit-capable Internet, TV, voice services. Staff for 11-20 people work for this firm.

South Central Connect is Arkansas’ top-rated internet provider based on customer feedback. Their rating stands at five out of five, meaning customers find the services received to be worth what they pay. They outrank Verizon who comes second locally and third nationally.


Arkadelphia residents demonstrate a great demand for high-speed internet as evidenced by their ISP Report Card and Digital Connectivity Index scores, which both depend on local demand. Running alongside major highways with many businesses nearby makes accessing high-speed internet an absolute necessity for the community; additionally 34% of its population enroll in school – significantly more than average across Arkansas cities.

South Central Connect is a regional fiber provider offering affordable and reliable high-speed internet service to its customers in Arkansas. They boast an outstanding customer rating of 5 out of 5, well above the national average and are one of the more economical solutions.

Network Solutions’ network covers most areas in and around London, from its outer reaches and most suburbs to residential neighborhoods and business parks, making them a good option for both residential and business customers alike. Furthermore, they offer plans such as symmetrical 1,000 Mbps connections that enable simultaneous upload and download capabilities – ideal for streaming videos and online gaming.

AT&T, Windstream and Suddenlink Communications are other notable internet providers in the area and provide various services from DSL to fiber optic; as well as TV and phone services.

Arkadelphia is served by several fixed wireless providers, such as Viasat and HughesNet. These companies offer internet speeds up to 1,000 Mbps at competitive prices while still being relatively cost-effective; however, their speeds may not match that of wired internet in rural areas and their coverage may be limited.

Arkadelphia boasts an ample selection of cable and satellite television providers, many of which offer TV/internet bundles to help save you money. 

AT&T and Suddenlink Communications are two popular providers with wide networks across Arkansas that can deliver fast internet to most homes here; additionally they can also provide television/internet service in rural areas as well. In addition, Xfinity and Brightspeed also provide high-speed internet and TV options that cover multiple states including Arkansas.


South Central Connect Arkadelphia is working with Arkansas electric cooperatives to bring high-speed internet service to more rural areas of Arkansas. Led by South Central Arkansas Electric Cooperative, their initiative seeks to reach about 40 percent of state populations without accessing high-speed internet while creating jobs and stimulating local economies through job creation and economic stimulation.

Arkansas Legislature already provided funding for this initiative. A second round will become available later this year and further investors are being sought as well as federal grants and loans for this project. Arkansas currently ranks near the bottom in terms of high-speed internet accessibility compared to other states; this initiative may change that.

Subscribers looking to take advantage of South Central Connect services must sign a contract and agree to its terms of usage, which includes not reselling it to third parties or using it illegally. South Central Connect also reserves the right to restrict bandwidth and data storage for those who violate these policies.

Subscribers must pay both installation and equipment fees when subscribing to any service, in addition to having a power source to make use of fiber optic cable services a reality; without electricity, fiber optic cables will no longer operate effectively and subscriber may also need to grant an easement on their property for its installation.

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South Central Connect will have access to your home for maintenance, upgrades and repair purposes. South Central Connect will notify subscribers when it intends to enter for this reason and will employ industry-standard security protocols to protect its systems and information against unauthorised access or disclosure; furthermore it will conduct automated vulnerability scanning to detect potential vulnerabilities on its perimeter systems.

ServiceAble offers income-eligible households a discounted phone, Internet and bundle services plan of $9.25 monthly until its funding runs out due to Congress failing to add more funding when passing legislation to keep the government operating last month. The program may soon run dry as Congress did not include more money when passing legislation keeping government open last month.

Frequently Asked Questions

South Central Connect Arkadelphia provides high-speed internet, bundle phone and internet service. They also offer TV services, customized packages and reliable networks that are ideal for gaming and video streaming.

South Central Connect Arkadelphia boasts an outstanding reputation for customer service and has a five-out of five feedback score from customers. Their dedication to providing the best Internet service is evident in custom-designed packages, infrastructure improvements and extensive coverage of the network across Arkansas.

South Central Connect Arkadelphia collaborates with Arkansas electric cooperatives in order to offer high-speed internet to rural areas. The goal is to connect 40 percent of Arkansas’ people who do not have access to internet. This project aims in creating jobs as well as boost local economics.

Subscribers are required to sign a contract confirming their conditions of usage, including limitations on reselling and illicit use. Equipment and installation fees are charged as well as subscribers require an electrical source to power the fiber optic cables. South Central Connect Arkadelphia reserves access to maintenance and security via standard protocols used in the industry. In addition, households with incomes that qualify are eligible for discounted plans by participating in ServiceAble. ServiceAble program until the funding runs out.


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