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Tennessee Museums

Tennessee Museums

Tennessee museums are home to an expansive body of history, from Native American culture and Civil War events, to storytelling traditions from throughout its geography. Here you’ll discover all sorts of lore about its past.

The Tennessee State Museum provides a comprehensive depiction of Tennessee history within its 137,000-square-foot space, such as a letter written by Andrew Jackson challenging one of his rivals to a duel and an Egyptian mummy.

Best Museum in Tennessee

Tennessee is home to numerous museums, historic sites and even entire towns that tell the stories of Tennessee’s pioneers, presidents and art greats – from pioneers and presidents to sports heroes and war veterans. Tennessee museums boast collections that are educational while being fun for families of all kinds – perfect places for visitors who appreciate history!

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The Museum of Nature and Science is a non-profit science center providing interactive exhibits and shows to teach both adults and children about our world. With planetarium shows, aquarium exhibits, natural history collections, and more; The museum can entertain both the young and old at heart! Located in Knoxville and open to all.

Since 1684, the Ashmolean Museum is one of the world’s oldest museums and features collections from all around the globe. Established when founder Elias Ashmole donated his private collection of rare and valuable items to Oxford University, its growth continues unabated; today the museum boasts various unique objects like crystal balls, kidney stones and preserved exotic animals making it an extremely popular tourist attraction in Tennessee.

Are You an Auto and Motorcycle Fanatic? Make sure to visit Nashville without stopping at the Lane Motor Museum if so! This incredible museum houses one of the largest collections of European cars and motorcycles in America as well as daily demonstrations that are free for visitors.

Music fans and those looking to gain more knowledge about some of history’s greatest musicians will both appreciate a visit to Nashville’s Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum. This popular Nashville attraction honors musical genres from rock, jazz and blues; visitors can even view instruments and memorabilia of legendary musicians from this top Tennessee museum.

This museum celebrates the rich heritage of railroad transport in Tennessee and the central South, featuring models, train cars and artifacts to show its history in this region. Additionally, there is also a library with books about railroading available to researchers for further exploration.

This museum is housed in an exquisite building that once served as the world’s largest post office. Featuring five galleries displaying everything from paintings and sculptures, to rotating contemporary exhibits from ancient Egypt through modern American art – not to mention being home to one of the South’s largest Asian art collections as well as offering blacksmithing services, as well as collections of hollowware jewelry and other metal artwork – the museum offers something for everyone here!

Popular Museum in Tennessee

Tennessee museums provide visitors with an opportunity to gain insight into its past, while some stand out with unique collections and exhibits. Some specialize in local history while others showcase notable residents or events; some museums may require admission fees while others are free.

The State Museum in Nashville boasts an expansive permanent collection of artifacts spanning centuries and regions, as well as displays showcasing specific natural history topics. There’s also an interactive children’s gallery, six rotating galleries and two-story Grand Hall that make the museum an attractive tourist attraction that draws in visitors from around the globe.

Visitors to the museum can explore in various ways, from self-guided tours and group visits, to self-guided self tours. It provides an ideal opportunity to gain knowledge about Iowa history from Native American culture through Civil War battles and beyond.

The Nashville Museum, situated near Capitol Hill in Downtown Nashville, boasts an array of exhibits – ranging from its science-themed Adventure Science Center to a historical and cultural center featuring a replica of 1898 Customs House – not forgetting McGregor’s Market & Kitchen toddler space with Bubble Cave as well as its extensive porcelain collection.

Nashville’s music scene is legendary, and its legacy lives on through the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, founded in 1964. Boasting an extensive collection of costumes, instruments and awards as well as some of the oldest recordings ever made by country artists themselves, the museum boasts one of Nashville’s greatest treasures: memorabilia from costumes to instruments to awards spanning four decades of country music history.

Popular museums in Tennessee include the Grand Ole Opry and Country Music Hall of Fame; former is known for its legendary line-up of honky-tonks while latter displays hundreds of recordings and awards collected over time by musical stars in Tennessee. Memphis in particular holds great significance; home to Elvis Presley’s Graceland as well as rock n roll pioneer Sun Studio are among its attractions.

Tennessee sports are abundant, and the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame recognizes and honors them by inducting new honorees each year – players, coaches, team owners and Olympians who have found success across numerous sports are honored with induction into this hallowed group. This museum also covers the history of women’s sports in Tennessee. 

As part of Music City Total Access Pass – which also includes Grand Ole Opry and Opryland hotel admission – this museum can be enjoyed daily. Admission for adults is just $3 with group discounts available and children free admission; group rates can also be obtained – there’s even an app which gives detailed maps of its exhibits and prices! Parking is always free as well!

Famous Museum in Tennessee

Tennessee boasts an abundance of museums due to its diverse cultural heritage, with one such museum housing an incredible collection of historical objects that chronicle Tennessee and Tennesseans throughout history. 

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The state museum houses this extensive archive, such as Andrew Jackson’s letter challenging one of his rivals to a duel over a horse racing bet (which Jackson won), and even includes items like an intact hipbone from Civil War battle with bullet fragment lodged inside it as well as dried up thumb of an infamous horse thief among its permanent collections.

Its extensive furniture collection mirrors the lives of Tennessee residents from various eras and reflects their lifestyles, from early settlers to current residents. A new exhibition on display through 2024 highlights this collection by showing a selection of pieces that reflect Tennessee’s past while other exhibits highlight various topics including an exploration of its porcelain collection or railroads’ impact in shaping its development.

The Tennessee State Museum, situated downtown by Capitol Hill and boasting 130,000 visitors yearly, attracts 130,000 guests annually. It offers extensive educational outreach across Tennessee through virtual field trips for students as well as its innovative Tennessee Traveling Trunks mobile educational kits that contain real and reproduction artifacts, books, CDs/DVDs/materials that allow teachers to introduce innovative new ways of teaching history in their classrooms. Meanwhile its permanent exhibits cover over 13,000 years of Tennessee art and history.

Johnny Cash Museum stands out among other notable museums in Tennessee with its focus on country music legend Johnny Cash’s legacy. Opened in Nashville’s downtown in 2016, this museum showcases memorabilia from Cash’s career — such as iconic stage costumes and personal items as well as recordings.

Even though this Nashville museum may be smaller than others, its small but powerful presence cannot be overstated. The Museum of East Tennessee History features interactive displays and first-person accounts of local history; their “Voices of the Land” exhibition showcases this region’s vibrant past and culture.

Sports enthusiasts can gain insight into Tennessee’s vibrant sports heritage at the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame, which honors athletes, coaches and others who have had an impactful role on its sports scene. There are both permanent exhibits as well as rotating exhibits showcasing vintage uniforms and other memorabilia from years gone by.

The Tennessee Agricultural Museum provides visitors with an authentic experience of farm life through historic structures and hands-on activities. Its heirloom garden, one-room schoolhouse, historic log cabins and wooded trails give an idea of life on Tennessee farms over one hundred years ago. Additionally, educational programs are offered and an 1898 Federal Post Office provides public access. Furthermore, their impressive antique collection boasts furniture such as porcelain collections as well as an 1860s kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tennessee boasts many museums, each telling its own unique tale. Some are constructed on pioneer homesteads or tell about Tennessee presidents or military heroes while others showcase local art and culture – but whatever their subject, all these museums share one common characteristic – they make history come to life!

The Tennessee State Museum provides an ideal overview of Tennessee history. Exhibits range from prehistoric era to modern time and cover numerous topics; temporary exhibits often focus on specific aspects such as culinary exhibits or art shows featuring prominent local artists’ works. 

Tennessee museums serve to demonstrate its rich and diverse history and culture, from a replica of the Parthenon to full-scale models of an 1897 locomotive and extensive collections of American art. Tennessee museums also showcase pioneers, presidents and military heroes whose stories they chronicle.

For anyone interested in Tennessee history, the Tennessee State Museum offers an in-depth portrayal. Spanning 137,000 square feet, this facility includes the Tennessee Time Tunnel that chronicles its development over time; in addition, six rotating galleries, digital learning center and two-story Grand Hall can also be found within.


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