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Swiftype Launches New Product For Salesforce Federated Search

Swiftype Launches New Product For Salesforce Federated Search

Swiftype has evolved beyond site search services for publishers like TechCrunch into enterprise search. Their new product brings together cutting-edge artificial intelligence, natural language processing and machine learning technologies along with Salesforce Federated Search to offer enhanced enterprise searching options.

Employees can now search and view results from all external data sources on a single Salesforce results page, with customized results “pinned” at the top for easy reference.

Egnyte’s ’Connect’ Platform Enables Employees to Search Across Dropbox

Finding content across cloud-based tools like Salesforce, G Suite/Office 365/Dropbox/Confluence and Zendesk can be challenging for teams. Swiftype’s AI-powered enterprise search platform integrates seamlessly with these applications so users can access what they need quickly with just one search query.

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Knowledge Graph of Egnyte collects corporate data and interprets searches like humans do, providing an intuitive end user experience. Furthermore, Egnyte’s unified search across cloud apps can boost productivity by up to 20% by decreasing time spent looking for information.

Egnyte makes sharing easy with its granular permissions and options to revoke access at any time, enabling users to share folders or individual files as well as link directly to them from any browser. All files are also fully audited for compliance purposes and may even be remotely erased if needed.

Egnyte’s desktop app enables offline access and works as a drive in Windows File Explorer and macOS Finder for easy use with existing productivity applications. Collaborative work can easily take place while online files being edited are locked to prevent anyone else from editing a changed version of files being edited collaboratively online.

Administrators can tailor user settings, establish teams and members, set two-step authentication, synchronize local folders with Egnyte accounts to allow offline working, as well as use Egnyte Key Management which stores encryption keys elsewhere to minimize data breaches.

Egnyte could benefit from some improvements, namely more customer support options. While no live chat is offered, there is a chatbot which periodically pings as you move through the website. There’s a resource center and help desk available, yet no community support forums.


Swiftype’s search engine utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning, providing results more relevant to users’ searches by understanding word meaning rather than simply matching them – for instance “contacts” or “recent docs.” Swiftype leverages this understanding to provide more pertinent results and surface specific types of documents like Excel spreadsheets or PowerPoint presentations.

The company’s desktop search product employs user-friendly interfaces like Mac Finder or Windows Explorer to create a content superhighway that makes file searching and sharing simpler across organizations as well as cloud services like Dropbox and Office 365. In addition, integration efforts are underway with popular team collaboration tools like Slack.

One of the standout features of this platform is that it’s built to grow with your business, providing companies with an opportunity to add services and locations as needed – an incredible advantage when expanding search infrastructure without costly hardware upgrades or migrations.

As an added benefit, this platform provides powerful real-time search analytics to assist businesses in monitoring and adapting their search experience. Real-time search analytics allow businesses to see which searches visitors are making use of as well as which autocomplete suggestions they choose – providing invaluable information that helps optimize sites so users are finding exactly what they’re searching for on them.

Swiftype offers many other tools to assist websites and search teams in optimizing their site, such as creating custom result rankings, pin certain documents to top positions for certain search terms, or hide or delete them altogether – an excellent way to highlight key documents or products at prominent positions on your website.

Swiftype’s platform offers intuitive algorithmic controls, robust analytics tools, crafty machine learning capabilities and simple implementation tools to provide website owners with search functionality as a strategic component of their business. While not the cheapest solution on the market, its control and scalability make for one of the best user experiences and marketer experiences on offer today.

G Suite

Swiftype, the Y Combinator-backed startup that promises publishers an engaging site search experience, today introduced analytics tools on top of its search-as-a-service platform to give more data about what people are searching and clicking. Users can monitor in real-time which searches are performing well while other results might not convert as expected.

Swiftype’s platform uses artificial intelligence to analyze content and relationships within corporate data and search queries in order to gain a greater understanding of what people are searching for, according to co-founder and CTO Quin Hoxie. He notes this makes the end user search experience “more intuitive” while simultaneously enabling Swiftype’s AI capabilities to suggest relevant content based on calendar events, emails, or any other user behavior.

G Suite’s AI capabilities have now been extended to G Suite, the cloud collaboration and storage tool increasingly being adopted by businesses for teamwork and work flow purposes. Swiftype Enterprise Search from this company integrates workplace apps such as Dropbox, Office 365, Salesforce Confluence etc to improve teamwork in an enterprise environment.

Employees can quickly and easily locate files across platforms and access them even when working offline, from home, or on mobile devices. Furthermore, the results of their searches can easily be shared among colleagues.

Swiftype’s app scans various sources of search data and indexes them in one central place, where users can use its dashboard to view, share and rank them based on relevance or importance – helping teams quickly identify relevant content quickly while making sure no important information goes undetected.

Swiftype’s dashboard allows users to reorder search results via drag-and-drop, create filters for specific items, learn what users are searching for and customize display styles of those results, while remaining developer friendly thanks to a range of APIs and developer tools.


As enterprises rely more heavily on cloud-based apps, integrating these tools into company processes has become ever more critical. Swiftype’s search platform connects to numerous cloud apps and allows users to quickly locate relevant information without hassle or delay. Swiftype utilizes semantic understanding technology for query interpretation ensuring highly accurate contextual results.

Swiftype allows organizations to search across cloud-based systems such as Dropbox, Office 365 and G Suite to quickly find the content they need without switching programs – saving both time and boosting employee productivity.

Swiftype search platform also collects detailed analytics on user behavior. Administrators can view how many searches are being performed, what content people are searching for and which results they engage with – this provides insights that help understand audiences and enhance quality site search experiences.

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Users can tailor the search experience to meet their business needs and preferences, re-ordering search results to emphasize certain pieces, pinning relevant pieces of content for promotion, removing results that don’t meet criteria and eliminating those which don’t match criteria. Furthermore, users can utilize data analysis capabilities of this platform to better target their search experience to their specific audience.

Swiftype, founded in 2012 and supported by Y Combinator, offers publishers an exceptional site search experience. Their search platform uses natural language processing technology to deliver more relevant search results and synonym suggestions, while simultaneously increasing website traffic and engagement through an intuitive user experience.

Swiftype Search is an enterprise site search solution provided as a SaaS service that provides enterprise customers with features like faceted searching and predictive autocomplete, mobile optimization and compatibility with various CMS systems and cloud-based apps like Salesforce, Atlassian and Zendesk.

Swiftype’s search technology has been utilized on websites and help centers for companies such as Asana, Shopify, SurveyMonkey, and TechCrunch. Swiftype powers their search boxes while working seamlessly with Elasticsearch to provide an amazing user experience.


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