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The Witcher 3: Don’t Miss This Hidden Contract in Blood and Wine

The Witcher 3: Don’t Miss This Hidden Contract in Blood and Wine

The Witcher 3 sets an unprecedented bar for choice and consequence in role-playing games, from its snowy mountain passes to Velen’s swamps and Novigrad’s crumbling remains. Every decision you make has lasting repercussions across this vast world.

Geralt and Yennefer journey together to the Nilfgaard capital Vizima where Emperor Emhyr instructs Geralt to locate Ciri, his biological and adopted daughter being hunted by an otherworldly Wild Hunt.

Don?t Miss This Hidden Contract in Blood and Wine

Two major DLC expansions for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt have been added as part of its next-gen update, expanding upon Geralt, Ciri and Yennefer’s adventures on their journey across Continent and welcoming in new characters and story arcs.

Henry Cavill reprises his role of Geralt of Rivia in Netflix’s third season of The Witcher based on Andrzej Sapkowski’s books. The series depicts Geralt as a lone monster hunter who must navigate a world where humans seem more vicious than beasts; Freya Allan, Anya Chalotra, Joey Batey Royce Pierreson and Mahesh Jadu also co-star.

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Season 1 begins when Renfri approaches Geralt and pleads for his help, explaining she used to be princess but that Stregobor wanted her killed due to bad omens she brought with her. Stregobor then had one of his servants sexually abuse Renfri but she managed to escape unharmed, now seeking revenge against Stregobor and asking Geralt to murder him in order to take back control over her kingdom.

Geralt agrees to assist her and they head off towards Blaviken ruins where they encounter Torque, an armored creature with two horns, before killing it and encountering several men waiting for Geralt after returning from monster hunting duty. 

These individuals attempt to steal Geralt’s gear but he refuses them, leading them in pursuit of Torque until it was destroyed and later on they ran across another group waiting for Geralt to arrive from an expedition hunt.

Once back at Blaviken they encountered yet more monsters which they destroyed before encountering more waiting men waiting in anticipation for his return from hunting monster hunting duty and finally encountering them waiting in Blaviken with its inhabitants eagerly expecting his return – only this time when it wasn’t so easy!

After this, they made their way to Skellige and visited Yennefer who was investigating a magical explosion. Once in Skellige, however, Ciri went missing; and Yennefer is convinced that Nilfgaardians killed one of her survivors from Cintra siege as revenge against them; therefore she is appealing to Geralt to locate and rescue her.

The Bloody Baron

The Witcher 3 showcases an impressive cast of characters and story, which is filled with intricate threads. In particular, The Witcher 3’s treatment of alcoholism shows its devastating impact on all involved.

Players will come across Phillip Strenger, better known by his nickname Bloody Baron. He tells them how his stress caused by war turned him into an alcoholic and caused their marriage with Anna to fail – reacting either with empathy, condemnation or indifference is up to you as the player.

After discussing, Baron accepts Geralt’s offer to assist him in finding Ciri and suggests that Geralt search his family home for clues. Once inside, Geralt finds it disrepair with stained carpeting and broken windows; signs of fighting appear around its perimeters as well as signs that an attempt at break-in may have taken place; there’s even evidence of struggle under the floorboards; it seems there may have been something amiss at home!

Before departing, Baron offers Geralt a choice: either save and transform Botchling into a Lubberkin spirit for protection, or kill and trace its blood trail for clues about Anna and Tamara. Saving Botchling would provide more information regarding them both.

The Baron has some talismans to control the ghost of Peeves, who resides at Hogwarts and represents Slytherin. Geralt can use these to distract Peeves’s poltergeist while searching the cellar. When leaving his house he is met by several wraiths who attempt to overpower him; Geralt must use Axii on them first to stun them before using heavy attacks against them to defeat them.

The Skellige Isles

The Skellige Isles are an archipelago in The Witcher 3 that draws heavily upon Irish folklore. Here, warriors seek glory by engaging legendary monsters while druids guard nature’s secrets while bards tell tales of heroes past under candle-lit halls.

Kaer Trolde Castle in Ard Skellig is the centerpiece of the island. Here resides Jarl Crach an Craite – and hence King of all Islands – as well as providing comfortable lodgings that serve as Geralt’s primary base during his time on Ard Skellig.

Starting Point for Most Side Quests in the Isles | Once you complete the main storyline, completing side quests such as Witcher Contracts, Scavenger Hunts and Hidden Treasure challenges in the Isles is where most side quests begin. Contracts may be obtained from notice boards around the region or through searching for clues in your map game? these contracts can then be acquired.

Yennefer is the protagonist in this chapter of The Witcher 3’s narrative, known for her charm and beauty as well as her magic abilities that earned her the name of powerful sorceress. In search of Ciri, she has ventured across The Witcher 3’s world; now she finds herself on Isles.

Begin this quest in Fyresdal village in northern Ard Skellig and speak with Uggo. He will inform you that 20 nekkuks attacked his partner north of Fyresdal and need your assistance in tracking down their footprints from shipwreck; follow them until you come to a cave which will trigger a scene and activate Witcher Sense to find its source.


Velen has come forward to advise King Anduin Wrynn and the Alliance in light of Argus’ corruption of Azeroth’s world-soul, warning of impending battles between light and shadow threatening all Azeroth; yet maintaining that this conflict can only be won with courage from those with good will.

Velen led the draenei to their new home on Azuremyst Isles and helped rebuild their once tainted Sunwell into a source of holy and arcane energies, turning their source of life back into the fount of life that it once was. 

Additionally, he aligned blood elves with Alliance forces and worked to stop Lich King’s Scourge spreading throughout Azeroth; using M’uru’s heart Velen sanctified blood elf Sunwell while turning Saraka into Saa’ra again.

Velen’s faith was questioned by Kil’jaeden when he accused Velen that he did not believe in the Light.  Velen replied, saying if he were more faithful, he could’ve prevented Sargeras to corrupt Archimonde and Kil’jaeden. This would’ve protected Argus and its people from Burning Crusade.

Pellar (or Guslarz), while exploring Fyke Island, approaches Geralt and requests his assistance in an ancient ritual. Though his contract does not require prior knowledge about this event, its suggested level 33 makes this request far too high for Geralt at that moment in time. 

As such, until Geralt feels more prepared to tackle it successfully he should ignore it until then; otherwise quests and scavenger hunts marked red or titled red in The Witcher 3 may prove too challenging even for experienced witchers to complete successfully.


When it comes to crafting the ultimate Witcher experience, many factors come into play. Your quest for Ciri should take precedence above other tasks in The Witcher 3, but that does not mean you should dismiss contract missions as part of your duties as a Witcher; these paid assignments provide valuable experience while benefitting local populations while filling up your wallet!

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CD Projekt Red offered its audience a look behind the scenes at how Novigrad, one of The Witcher 3’s fictional cities influenced by Andrzej Sapkowski’s works, was conceptualized and constructed. Novigrad features numerous details that help immerse players as Geralt into its world.

Novigrad’s design emphasizes its status as a port and merchant city, evident by the city?s harbor and crane. These details help set Novigrad apart from Velen and Skellige as main regions in The Witcher trilogy.

Once you complete Trish’s main quest line, Pyres of Novigrad, and enter Novigrad again after having interrogated Rose van Attre in an interrogation room near ‘Logger’s Hut’ fast travel marker (if unlocked). When she has finished speaking to you, head southwest of town where there will be a quest marker waiting.

Approach the marker and use your Witcher Senses to detect a scent trail. Follow it, taking out any enemies you come across along the way before eventually encountering a group of Elves who are hunting down an invisible “beast.” Once all are dead, continue following it until it leads you to an inaccessible cave. 


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